Alright buckle up buttercup time to hate-watch the tire fire that is Michael Moore's new Earth Day documentary release attacking renewable energy. I will not be linking to this content because holy shit VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.
First, let's turn this garbage pile into something positive and not just signal boost it. Can you chip in with a donation to an organization advocating for good energy policy? Here are 10 examples:
oh boy only two minutes in and its sounding very ecofascist-y
Narration by Jeff Gibbs who says he was "an early environmentalist," telling us about some Monkey-wrench hijinks of putting sand in a bulldozer's gas tank and putting solar on sustainable housing...
The story on renewables starts with the narrator going to a hippie-looking solar festival, where it started raining and the narrator is disappointed when it needed biodiesel backup to keep the power going.
Quickly moving into the Obama administration now, touching on Al Gore and Richard Branson and other investors beginning to pour money into clean energy.
Flash ahead to GM's new electric car launch.

Narrator asks what GM's electric car is charging off of? "95% coal currently," says utility guy.

When will it be renewables? Utility guy says renewables ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
"They were impressive machines. But it is possible for machines made by industrial civilization to save us from industrial civilization," the narrator asks ominously.

Renewables machines
machines bad
renewables bad
"I'm against our addiction to fossil fuels...but green energy isn't what it seemed." lolk

Now launching it spurious examples of elephant poo power plants(!), natural-gas based hydrogen, &ethanol to slander solar, wind, & electric vehicles. Lumping everything into "green energy."
"Are we avoiding looking too closely [into clean energy solutions] because we don't want to know the answer?" lmao this is so bad
SoLaR PanEls ArE MAde oF CoAL so BAD!

No need to look at total or net emissions or anything like that
"...investor insiders..."

(it was obvious on my drinking bingo card for this film)
Now the narrator is going after renewable reliability in all of the heavy-handed, misleading, and hackneyed ways you've heard a million times before and that have been debunked repeatedly.

yeesh did no one do any actual research on this or what🤦‍♂️
30:50 mark: "I learned that the solar panels don't last forever either."

Blood pressure rising

We're now launching into a detailed discussion of Ivanpah concentrating solar
I honestly don't remember the actual terminology of this type of plant it's been so long since I had to care about CSP
Oh we've hit a bingo. Germany Still Uses Coal Therefore Renewable Energy Not a Solution. *yawns*
This entire film has been extremely predictably bad so far. It is going after renewables with every tired, disproven criticism you have ever heard by someone who (1) is trying to mislead you about renewable energy and/or (2) knows very little about renewable energy.
Now an extended montage of scary music with pictures of industrial activity and the names of scary-sounding elements in big bold letters flashed across the screen, ending in a renewable energy facility. Subtle.
Kinda surprised we haven't gotten to Solyndra yet. Surely that's coming, right?
Narrator has been thoroughly blackpilled on the cleanest and most affordable power sources we have available wow this is some dark psychotic shit
population Population POPOULATION

holy fuck this just took a swerve down an eco-fascism lens really quick
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