Texas says its abortion ban is over.

The state's AG office in a new legal filing says the new Executive Order suspends some medical procedures, but abortion is exempt and can resume.
Here’s why:
Texas’ abortion providers argued the new Executive Order suspending some medical procedure didn’t apply to them because:
1. They don’t take up hospital beds
2. They wouldn’t ask for publicly sourced PPE

In a somewhat surprising move, Texas agreed.
Usual "I'm not a lawyer disclaimer":

In reading this, Texas seems to be creating a distinction between the original Executive Order and this new one. Perhaps implying that if and when there's a problem abortion providers will need to go through this entire legal process again.
Would love if an *actual* lawyer can weigh in on this!
It's odd to have such an anticlimactic end to what's been the biggest disruption in abortion services since Roe v Wade.

We'll continue following. Feels unlikely this is over.
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