Tangenting off this thread with a RT as I don’t want to butt into this convo. But I have something to say to fellow white people who feel excluded when things Aren’t For Us https://twitter.com/blkgirllostkeys/status/1253062862907400192
It’s easy to feel that excluded feeling (especially if you have RSD!!!) and think “being excluded is bad! Therefore someone is doing something wrong!”
But the world isn’t equal. And the world isn’t fair. And sometimes groups that make it clear “this is not for people like YOU” are being gross jerks. And sometimes they’re just people trying to have a space space that is actually For Them. And... those things aren’t equivalent.
And when you’re a white woman it is so so important to recognise that dudes saying “comics/video games aren’t for girls!!” Isn’t anything like a group for WOC or black women only. So just... think about that? Okay?
Something I do when I see or hear about groups where I - as a white person - am not included or welcome is to feel what it feels like when something isn’t for people like me. And then remember that people with less of my many privileges feel that feeling SO MUCH MORE OFTEN.
And it’s fine for things to be for some people and not others. People are so different! We need and want different things! And something that I think everyone needs is the feeling that “this is for people just like me”.

So if you, like me, like to feel like you’re Helping...
Then when you see groups or conversations between people having that moment of finding “This Is For People Like Me” then... don’t try to be involved. And when you don’t push that button to comment and you don’t speak up to add your “well I am white/abled/not autistic BUT”
You can tell yourself “i’m helping!!” If it helps you feel less weird about it. Just don’t comment that either.
And if a twitter thread is relevant to what you want to say but what you want to say isn’t relevant to the thread then you can quote RT but usually I would just... tweet on my own page rather than reply. That’s something you can do! If you can’t just... say nothing because
Otherwise the words and feelings will just keep bubbling.

Say it somewhere else!

It’s just.
Isn’t it so great when you find a thing and feel “this is for people like ME” don’t... ruin that for anyone else. Especially people who needed to build that thing for themselves.
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