1. What a discovery!

Drop 3985, April 17, 2020 at 10:25 pm, (2225 HRS) shows a Harvested_Corn_Field.

We think of James Comey, Devin Nunes and Chuck Grassley's tweets about corn fields and harvesting.

But, what's up with the YouTube video in the drop? https://qmap.pub/read/3985 
2. The YouTube link is to what I would refer to as a new age type music from Berkley, California for yoga and meditation. The song is called "Rotations", from the "Flow State" album by artists "Above and Beyond", originally published on July 30th, 2019.
3. July 30th, 2019 was a special day. Do you know why?

It marks both the United States AND the World's "International Day Against Trafficking Of People".

That's quite a notable day for QAnon as that is the NUMBER ONE crime we want to see stopped first.

4. Amazing, just 30 days earlier, June 30th, 2019, was also an extremely pivotal date. On that day, President Donald Trump shook hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, then made history by being the 1st sitting POTUS since the Korean War to actually step into North Korea.
5. That moment, Trump displayed to the world that North Korea wanted to be free and wanted peace. He did what no other world leader could do.

We start to understand more about the music Q shared with us. This song is called "Rotations", a perfect analogy for what happened in NK.
6. The puppeteers of NK are being removed, opportunities for peace and freedom are "flowing" in, "above and beyond" what anybody ever thought possible. Perfect fit.

But, harvested corn? Well, corn is a crop. You buy (or commandeer) land, you prepare it, you plant the seed.
7. As corn grows you tend to it, control it, keep pests out, thin out bad stalks, water it, and finally, you harvest it. Ask any farmer, they'll tell you about "rotating" crops and even fields. You can also rotate use of the crop from being junk silage corn to sweet dinner corn.
8. The land was stolen, manipulated by the "farm", to produce what the "farmers" wanted. Now, the land has been freed, the illegal farmers removed and the purpose of the land can now be rotated to something new.

From 40,000 feet the "corn" analogy makes a lot more sense.
9. For "the corn" to be such an integral part of the drops, for Comey and Nunes to discuss it so many times, it appears to be a much bigger lesson. The Deep State had to have a big stick to threaten the world with as they bullied their way into banks, governments and businesses.
10. Being able to wield the cold, secretive, communist regime in North Korea provided the devil worshipping cabal a leverage like no other.

Imagine being threatened with having your loved ones sent to a NK prison to serve a life sentence if you don't comply with their demands.
11. We also know NK was locked down from the world, secretly living under cruelty and silence. Trafficked victims could easily disappear into North Korea without ANY attention or knowledge by the rest of the world. It makes the July 30th date of this music even more relevant.
12. Our understanding grows even more broad. We begin to see how it wasn't just North Korea being controlled. It was all of us.

Everything is connected. The criminals in one location are connected to criminals in other locations. Businesses here are connected to business there.
13. But, it's not just bad guys and their crimes that are connected. We're connected too.

People all over the world are unified by desires to be loved, to be free and at peace. Without the cabal's influences, humanity will discover they relate in ways they never before imagined.
14. This music video and it's date and title references appear to contain more meaning than just something to relax to. Healing is needed. Sharing this music shows a "listening", almost motherly side to Q. Anons have been widely discussing a need to rest and heal, and Q listened.
15. Embracing this revelation is enlightening. There's a liberation coming. Our unwitting enslavement as sheep is over. We've realized the opportunity to become what God's sacrifice enabled us to be. Innocent.

THIS IS THE MEANING OF THE #GreatAwakeningWorldWide
16. Coming to see what all is enveloped in Q Drops is just one more reward to fighting the good fight. Want to see one more "little thing" here? Q dropped the link to a song called "Rotations" from the album "Flow State" by "Above and Beyond". That album exactly "17" songs on it.
17. Is it a coincidence that so much of this Drop ties to our plans and hopes for our future?

We're blessed to have a seat at this table, to be on the side of right, to help to rescue ourselves and our fellow man.


God bless The Plan,


- End
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