If I was voting tomorrow, I would be a no. I am dismayed that House Democrats have been put in this position by Republicans, but I believe its precisely due to our failure to stand up and exercise Power when its needed most that we are where we are.
Our campaign talks a lot about Power. Who has it, and how they use it. My opponent has Power as Chair of Ways and Means, but uses it to support corporations (he’s the #1 recipient of corporate PAC $$ in Congress, Democrat or Republican).
And trust me, I know what it’s like to have your Power met with opposition. In 2012, I was sued by my own City Council in Holyoke for launching a needle exchange program. But politics isn’t 1’s and 0’s, our actions have long-term consequences and meaning.
House Democrats will have an opportunity to exercise their Power when it comes to the next portion of the CARES Act. A bill that includes some much needed funding for hospitals. But a bill that falls almost entirely short of helping the majority of the people in our country.
I hope Congressional Democrats find their voice tomorrow. If not their own, then the voice of the people they were elected to represent.

Because, we need a #PeoplesBailout now.
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