1/ #Ogitorial No25 #COVID19
56M transferred after 2 days fevers, diarrhea, cough; traveling salesmen, h/o Htn
A ok
B HFNC 75% RR35
❤️110/56 HR 110 on low NE
D Avpu
E T39.5
U bil B lines, hyperdynamic LV/RV
L Na120, Cr2.3, ⬆️neut/lymph, CRP400, D-Dimer>1500, Ferritin>5000 pH7.4
Outside COVID19 swab negative, second is pending. Treated with IVF & ceftriaxone. The following immediate next step will increase the likelihood for this gentleman to survive and go back home:
#FOAMed #FOAMcc #medtwitter @PulmCrit @precordialthump @sgdambrauskas @fluidloading
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