Trump begins briefing by stating that the CDC Director was misquoted by the Washington Post about in saying that the second wave of #coronavirus could be worse than the first.
Trump continues to complain about #fakenews.
Trump CANNOT STAND any reporting from the news media that strays from his preferred narrative. He forces the CDC Director to disavow his interview with the Washington Post.
Trump: "Flu is very different from corona."
Trump continues to minimize the possiblity of another nationwide outbreak:
*"It’ll be coming back in smaller doses that we can contain."
*"We will not go tnrough what we went through over the past 2 months.”
*"It’s also possible it won’t come back at all.”
Trump continues to gripe about the media for not giving him enough credit for ventilator production.
Trump claims world leaders told him today:
"It was incredible that you solved the ventilator problem."
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