EASY READING: #Hydroxychloroquine been #Politics from day one. #Trump 's new friend, Indian PM Modi held rallies together in... India.

#TrumpLiesPeopleDie buying tons w/o evidence. So much India has banned export b/c Malaria. Retweet!

BBC: https://bbc.com/news/world-south-asia-51638345
To be clear this is because seeing High Levels of Toxicity

2020 quote:

"The dose needed is just TOO HIGH, Susanne Herold, an expert on pulmonary infections at the University of Giessen, recently told #Science magazine"

Also those who confuse SARS-CoV-1 with #COVID19 (novel)
Would YOU want to be in a trial even when those receiving #Hydroxychloroquine only or together with #Azithromycin when you're TWICE as likely to die of #COVID19 👇
#Norway has since March had rationing For Those Who Actually NEED #Hydroxychloroquine #Azithromycin for their approvals. So is many other countries doing. India now being one of them.
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