There’s no reason Steve Wynn ($7.5B), Sheldon Adelson ($38 B), MGM Resorts ($6.5B), Caesar’s ($5.5B) & Boyd ($1.5B) can’t cover payroll for their employees.
It’s in their best interest — there WILL be future union negotiations. Fucking the workers tends to make them recalcitrant.
A billion bucks is a $5000/month salary for 200,000 people. (That would be a $60K/year income.)

The median casino employs around 3,000 people, not 200,000. So even a year is 36,000 months, not 200K.
Even with a tanked stock market, these corps/people are NOT cash poor.
And why exactly DON’T these companies/people have 3-6 months of reserve operating expenses sitting in the bank, ready to be used?

Isn’t that the financially prudent, responsible, conservative talking point?

(This thread has been fortified with bitter irony.)
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