Join us as we celebrate #EarthDay and our #EarthOptimism Summit!
Throughout Sidedoor's many seasons we've talked to experts and conservationists from different fields across the Smithsonian.
In Season 2, The Mean, Green, Water-Cleaning Machine, we learned about the Algal Turf Scrubber (ATS) that harvests algae from large bodies of water and converts it to biomass that can be used to fuel cars and more.
Also in Season 2, Don’t Call Me Extinct, we dig into how the Scimitar-Horned Oryx species of antelope got another chance at life after being erased from the wild for three decades.
In Season 4's, The Wild Orchid Mystery, we learn about how orchids are vanishing from the wild and how scientist are working to reverse their dissappearance.
Our most recent episode, Birds, Birds, Birds! discusses how we've lost 3 billion migratory birds from our skies and what we can do to help #BringBirdsBack.
For more information on what the @Smithsonian is doing around conservation, check out our FREE and Digital @EarthOptimism Summit streaming April 22-24. 
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