“If Schiff possesses the declassified transcripts, he does not appear to have told Republicans on his committee. Several GOP lawmakers and staff on the committee told Just the News they have never been alerted that ODNI finished its review.”

And now he’s caught.
Schiff is now comically writing angry letters to Acting ODNI @RichardGrenell trying to browbeat him into not revealing that Schiff has been sitting on these declassified transcripts for 18 months.


Good luck with this.
Note Solomon is filing a FOIA request directly with the ODNI, NOT Schiff’s committee.

Since these transcripts were declassified and the HPSCI already voted in September 2018 to publicly release them, there isn’t a damn thing Schiff can do to stop this.
Gird your loins, Schiffty!

https://twitter.com/jsolomonreports/status/1253050098063466499?s=21 https://twitter.com/jsolomonreports/status/1253050098063466499
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