hello this is the fine white men thread that nobody asked for. these men are attractive to ME. no particular order btw. feel free to add your favs too🙈 First up we have Hozier. our Wicklow blues-singing king. one of the many things about this country i am proud of🇮🇪
2. Sam Claflin.
Hunger games made me fall in love with him. CEO of sugar cubes. made me cry at Me Before You the two times i watched it.
3. Ian Somerhalder.
vervain who? i don’t know her.
4. Timothée Chalamet.
i never understood the hype but this video made me open my eyes. Ladybird was still a shit movie tho.
5. Paul Walker.
never watched any of the F&F movies but gworl. he was fine. RIP king.
6. Rider Strong (Boy Meets World era)
Original gyallist. He glew down tho.
7. Aron Piper.
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