#sheith | aviation au | everyone has wings | angst | hurt | comfort | child abuse | other warnings unknown | not sure how long this will be
first off, i'm going to list the type of wings everyone has. after that i will start. ^_^
Shiro - harpy eagle wings
Hunk - great/kori bustard wings
Lance - cory's shearwater wings
Pidge and Matt - brown falcon wings
Allura - great egret wings
Coran - great coucal (mahoka) wings
and lastly, Keith - he is half raven, and half galra which i am making space owls. and their wings are a really really dark purple that they look black. but when in the light they reflect a dark purple color. i have a bit more but it will be revealed in the story.
okay! here we go!
Keith was a happy baby, and mostly a happy kid until he was 6, just one week away from turning 7. after that day he never had another birthday again, and would never know what love was, or a gentle caring touch for a very long time.
Keith never knew how different he really was. his father only said he was special and would never want him to change. but the orphanages and foster homes said other wise. he wasn't allowed to walk around without having a bell wrapped around his neck.
he wasn't allowed to fly unless he had bells tied to his feathers so someone knew where he was at all times. they disliked how quiet his wings are when he flies, even flaps, they barely make a sound. the same goes for when he just walks. Keith is just naturally so quite.
when things have to be discussed in hushed voices, Keith had to be in another room with earplugs in. his hearing is abnormally strong, and at night, he can see like a regular owl, if not a little better. but everyone loved pointing out what they didn't like about him.
the kids made fun of him, pulled at his feathers and taunted him. when Keith would even try to defend himself, he would be the one punished even if it was clearly the others fault. some foster families went as far as clipping his flight feathers so he couldn't fly. punishment +
they would say. for being too quiet, being silent on purpose, whatever excuse they made up Keith was punished for it. one year in school he wore bells for an entire school year. he was still made fun of for it, but if a single bell ever fell off, he would be punished.
So, Keith learned to keep his head down, but he is ever observant. he will never stop watching or listening to who is around him. he just learned to not speak to anyone, not even when being addressed. he couldn't bring himself to talk to anyone without some fear of punishment.
So, Keith grows up barely speaking, but would interact with the birds and animals around him, able to understand them and mimic their sounds back.
he is back at the orphanage and now in high school. a special speaker came to his classroom as everyone is rather excited about it.
Keith ignores everyone and continues to look out the window. he tries to listen to the sparrows flying about and tune everyone else out. but soon everyone is moving to head outside, but Keith stays put until his teacher clears her throat.
"Come on Kogane, you have to come too."
Keith closes his eyes a moment but finally moves to get up, the bell that is still around his neck and a couple of his feathers jingle and Keith follows his teacher without a word, looking up a bit once outside and seeing an obstacle course set up in the sky. Keith quickly looks+
away. already upset and feeling humiliated as he just moves to the edge of the group and sits on the ground. glad that all the chatter and excitement is louder than the bells tied to him.
his classmates go one by one, trying to take on the flight course. a lot not getting far.
if Keith was being honest with himself, he wanted to fly. he knew he could take on that course with ease. he fluffs up his feathers, making the bells move on accident when the guest speaker looks his way. Keith quickly looks away, moving a little further away from his class.
he kept his head down, already hearing footsteps come his way and soon stood beside him.
"hey, do you want to give the course a try?"
Keith hesitates a moment, finally looking up into warm, silver eyes. Keith blinks with surprise, and not really sure how to respond, but the guest
speaker didn't wait long before holding his hand out to him.
"come on, give it a go."
Keith blushes slightly but takes hold of the older's hand and is being hefted up with ease and guided to the course. the other kids already whispering and some groaning in protest.
"Just ignore them. this is all you. just get as far as you can through the course."
Keith manages a nod, ruffling his wings again, stretching them out in what felt like forever and just as the indicator gave the go, Keith took off.
Keith moves through the course like he was made for it. the obstacles shifting with each pass he makes. the machine moving faster around Keith as he just moves. the guest speaker, Shiro just watches in aw.
Shiro manages to snap himself out of the amazement that is flying just above him as he goes to talk to the teacher.
"what is his name? he belongs at the Garrison."
the teacher sighs, but has James come forth instead.
"what about James? he did a pretty good job."
Shiro keeps a polite smile.
"I agree, but who is the boy flying the course now? "
the teacher finally gives in,
"his name is Keith Kogane. but you don't want him. he has trouble with other kids and-"
the sound of the course ending gets Shiro's attention.
both he and the teacher look up just as bells fall from the sky and Keith is already a black dot in the distance. Shiro glances to the teacher with a stern look then takes off himself to catch up to Keith as quickly as possible.
it takes Shiro a good couple minutes to catch up to the younger, slightly out of breath before finally catching up and then moves to fly just under the young man and looks up. what greets him are angry amethyst eyes with tears forming in the corners. Shiro was not expecting that.
without notice, Keith takes a sharp turn and lands into the closest tree with simple ease. Shiro wasn't meant for turns that sharp but manages, landing at the base of the tree and looks up.
"Hey, Keith, right? what's wrong?"
in reply, Shiro gets a stick thrown at him as he dodges it, but in a way understanding the reply in it.
"Hey, I get it, the teacher was being unfair. though i am surprised you heard her. you must have really good hearing, like an owl."
Keith is still at that, but stays on his limb of the tree, just looking down at Shiro as Shiro looks up at him, giving the other the space.
"tell you what, if you come to this place tomorrow, i'll make sure you will get in. no questions asked."
Shiro pulls out one of his garrison cards and outs it in a crack of a branch. Keith hesitates a little but moves down just enough to grab the card, then looks back at Shiro.
"be at that address at 8am sharp. okay?"
Keith is silent for another moment before giving a nod.
Shiro smiles at that.
"good, i can't wait. now lets get you back and i'll have a talk with your teacher."
Shiro's smile is so wide that Keith couldn't even stay where he was at before taking to the sky again, Shiro right beside him as the two fly in silence.
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Shiro has just arrived at the meeting place and sees Keith already there waiting and with a rather worn looking backpack.
“Hey, you came.”
Keith looks to Shiro, then back up at the sky.
“Well, i’m glad you’re here.”
Keith just nods, letting out a soft huff. Shiro is silent a moment as he watches Keith. He notes the bells are back on and that he still refuses to say anything.
“Can you speak?”
He finally asks, stepping closer. But the look Keith gives stops Shiro in his tracks. Keith looked +
Scared to answer. Shiro didn’t understand why, but it was a first red flag in his mind.
“Or do you know sign language?”
He asks this time and Keith bites his lower lip, as if contemplating his answer when he finally brings his hands up and signs
in the following days, Shiro learns that Keith taught himself to sign, has observed that he is afraid to speak to anyone or when someone asks him something, and that Keith is really smart and really observant.
Shiro isn't sure why Keith refuses to speak, or if he can even speak at all. he's never heard any sound from him other than the bells that stay tied to the back of his wings and around his neck. and in all honesty, he found it cruel. why would Keith do that to himself?
So, Shiro keeps a respectable distance and just makes sure Keith is doing alright when he passes by or happens to see the younger in the halls heading to lunch or to his room.
it's not until the second month in he starts hearing the teachers frustrations with Keith not+
answering anyone in class and avoids eye contact almost all the time. but other than the teachers, that's it with their complaints because Keith is smart, he turns in his homework on time and is keeping his grades up.
on this particular day, he sits in to watch Keith fly with the group he has been sorted into for flying. he couldn't help but grin when he shows off a bit, but keeps it under control best he can when Irverson starts telling Keith to knock it off.
when Keith does another stunt, it was the last straw so the group has to land, but Keith doesn't seem to regret it at all as he lands rather gracefully. once Iverson gives them a chore for the month, the other students did not appreciate it and were all glaring at Keith when+
James makes a snarky remark about Keith's father and Keith loses it, pushing James, and the brunet boy retaliates with a punch. Keith then fights back, making in a way to get James pinned as the instructors move quickly to separate the two but freeze when a loud distressed+
screech seemed to be surrounding them. it stunned everyone, even James as it was a sound of a hawk, only louder, and a bit eery. Shiro stood there stunned with the others when he realized that sound came from Keith. when the shock wore off, Iverson got Keith off James and had +
the two go straight to his office. Shiro was quick to follow. while on the way, he hears other hawks screech out to the call Keith made, and jsut as he was stepping inside a building he sees two arrive.
Shiro is in Iverson's office while Keith sat outside and James sat across and a couple chairs over. to James the voices were muffled. but to Keith, he could hear everything and he just curls in on himself more until Shiro walks out and James goes in.
Shiro looks down at Keith, noting how he has curled in on himself and refuses to look up at him.
“Hey, lets go for a walk.”
Keith gives a nod and gets up without a question. Eyes still downcast and wings toght to his body. Shiro leads the way in silence.
Once outside he sees the hawks. Much more had arrived in the time they were in the building and Shiro is shocked. The other cadets hurrying to the lunch room as one of the hawks makes a sound and flies down to Keith.
Keith looks up at the raptor bird and holds his arm out, making a softer sound back. Shiro watches in a stunned silence. He had no idea Keith could communicate with hawks.
“You are full of surprises.”
He says softly, startling Keith and the hawk protesting at Shiro.
Keith was startled by the comment. he looks at Shiro, not sure how to take it so he holds the hawk a little closer, another soon landing on Keith's shoulder and just eyeing Shiro in a judgy way. Shiro took the hint of taking a step back.
"lets continue our walk, yeah?"
Keith gave a slight nod again and follows, or notices that Shiro walks beside Keith, not in front leading the way.
"Keith... can i ask why you don't talk?"
he asks softly, hoping not to make Keith's mood worse, or in his situation, to not upset the hawks that seem to be eyeing +
him specifically. one wrong move and he is positive he will be bird food.
Keith stays silent, the bells chiming as they walk, soon leaving the grounds. the silence continues until the hawks fly off, but the two that were on Keith stay in close range.
it's not until they finally made it to a hill in the desert that Keith stops walking, looking around then finally up at Shiro. he then makes a clicking sound like a raven. Shiro blinks, tilting his head but is smiling. Shiro then replies to the clicking sound.
Shiro learns through this that Keith was in danger if he ever spoke and it was ingrained to him to just stay silent around everyone. with this small knowledge another red flag went up for Shiro in his mind. Shiro thinks a moment then holds his hand up and moves to gently touch +
the bell wrapped around Keith's neck.
"can... can i remove the bells?"
Keith tenses up, eyes wide as he looks up at Shiro. a mix of fear and uncertainty. this only confirms to Shiro that Keith has been abused growing up.
instead of wait for an answer, Shiro moves around Keith and starts removing the bells that are on his wings. working gently and slowly with each removal of the bells. when he moves back to face Keith, he moves to remove the bell from his neck. once it's removed, Keith's breath +
hitches and with feeling his neck be free of the horrid thing. it was the last thing that sets Keith off and just starts crying. Shiro is there, watching the emotions play across his face before the tears come and he holds Keith close. the other tenses up but then relaxes as he +
just held onto Shiro like his life depended on it. it was this that confirmed for Shiro 100% that Keith has not had a proper upbringing, socializing, anything. it made him angry, upset and sad all at once.
"i got you... let it all out."
he gently rubs Keith's back and waits for +
Keith to stop crying on his own.
Keith finally calms when the sun has set, the hawks had left and the two are just sitting on the mound of dirt in the desert.
Keith nods his head, signing -yes-
after that night, Shiro keeps an eye out on Keith, helps him with his speech and to use his vocals for talking again. with the days that pass, Shiro quickly learns, along with everyone else why Keith was forced to wear the bells. he's earily silent and no one hears him move or +
fly. it truly was a wonder. but Shiro got to get past a lot more barriers and learns from Keith himself what happened to his father and how he has been treated in the foster system and the foster families he has had.
so, Keith becomes close to Shiro, and Shiro close to Keith. they fly together, race each other and take on some of the sky obstacles together while egging each other to go faster. Shiro never tires of hearing Keith laugh when he hears it.
Soon, there is talk of going further in their solar system and more training for Shiro, but he always makes time to be with Keith and tell him only some things about a possible new mission.
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Soon, there is chatter of the flight to Kerberos and that a crew is being selected for this mission. And it’s only a few weeks later that Shiro tells Keith that he has been picked to pilot the new aircraft to get them that far.
during the time of Shiro's extra training, teaching some classes and his own homework, Keith had started to make himself more scares so he wouldn't bother Shiro too much. he only appeared when Shiro needed to eat and made sure he at least got sleep when it started to get late.
the launch date is still a year or two out, but Shiro started noticing Keith pulling away and he didn't like it. he had gotten to really know Keith in almost a year's time and he didn't want to lose that trust. so, Shiro being Shiro looks to see when Keith's birthday is and +
starts planning something for his friend, best friend...

when Keith's birthday comes, Keith's presents has been almost none existence. with how quiet he walks it's easy to miss him in a room if you're not looking for him.
Shiro was getting worried when he couldn't find him.
it takes Shiro at least an hour to find Keith up on the rooftop observatory gazebo. he notices a crow, no a raven making clicking sounds and almost coo like noises as Keith sniffles and pets the bird. the onyx feathered bird cuddling into Keith as much as a bird can.
Shiro didn't know what was wrong before he clears his throat to let Keith know he was there.
"Everything alright Keith?"
he asks, concern in his voice. Keith jumped a little, quickly rubbing his face.
"yeah, sure..."
Keith replies in a broken rasp of a reply.
Shiro still had his picnic basket of food and a backpack already on his back. he walks up beside Keith, glancing his way to see the tear streaks and the raven just there for comfort.
"do you wanna go somewhere?"
he asks instead of asking what has Keith so upset.
Keith nods his head.
"Sure. lead the way."
Shiro takes off without warning, knowing Keith is right there behind him, along with his feathered companion. Shiro takes his time leading to the spot he had planned for what is supposed to be a special day for Keith.
it takes a few minutes to reach a cliff that is pretty high up and looks over the desert. Shiro lands gracefully when he turns to watch Keith, circling around a moment before landing with just as much grace, and silent. Shiro takes his backpack off and pulls a blanket out to set+
down and then sets the basket ontop and sits. he looks up at Keith for him to join, but couldn't help but chuckle at the confusion on the youngers face.
"what? never been on a picnic before?"
Keith is silent as he walks onto the blanket, hesitating but moves to sit.
"i-is that +
what it's called?"
Keith's cheeks take on a light blush as Shiro paused in shock for a moment before pulling out the dishes he knew Keith liked.
"yes. it can be quite fun and relaxing."
Keith takes in everything, the scenery, then smells the food and his stomach grumbles.
Shiro chuckles and hands the first container to Keith.
"start eating. i made a lot."
he chuckles to himself, but Shiro watches Keith hesitate for a moment before taking the offered container and his eyes widen when he opens it.
"i love this dish... did you make it?"
this time is Shiro's turn to blush and he nods.
"yep! made everything so eat up!"
Keith bites his lower lip but nods, getting more comfortable as the two finally start to eat in companionable silence.
After a few minutes Shiro starts to talk and Keith listens, then Keith would +
join in and before long Shiro has Keith smiling and even laughing. after they eat they fly around, playing a bizarre game of tag in the sky and racing. when the sun was starting to set, they land back at their spot, settling down again as Shiro brings his backpack closer.
"okay, I need you to close your eyes."
Keith looks at Shiro with a suspicious look.
"trust me?" Shiro giving his innocent smile. Keith scoffs but smiles as he closes his eyes.
"you know i do..."
Shiro smiles as he pulls out another container and pulls a gift out of his+
backpack. he sets everything up and smiles.
"okay, open your eyes."
when Keith opens his eyes, he sees a cupcake with a single candle in it and a perfectly wrapped gift next to it. Keith just stares, not understanding what is going on.
"Shiro... what... what is this?"
Shiro is stunned, looking at Keith to see if he is actually joking. but he knows Keith. he never jokes. it's moments like this when he learns something about Keith he has been deprived it breaks his heart. but this, not even knowing today is his birthday just shatters him.
"it's for you Keith... Happy Birthday."
Shiro watches Keith closely as he sees Keith registering this.
Keith's breath hitches after a long minute, looking at the two simple items before looking at Shiro with tears gathering in his eyes.
"what...? how?"
the moment the tears start+
to fall Shiro moves and pulls Keith into the biggest hug.
"that settles it... i'm going to hurt everyone that denied you your birthday..."
Shiro's own voice was a bit raspy with trying to contain his own emotions.
Keith cry laughs, holding tightly to Shiro until he has himself +
more composed. after a minute he pulls away, wiping away the tears and looks at the cupcake with the candle. he takes a moment and blows the candle out.
"thank you Shiro... i... i honestly forgot when my birthday even was..."
"when... when was the last birthday you had?"
Keith sighs softly, wiping away more tears that just wont stop.
Shiro takes in a slow breath. that was a long time.
"well, i hope i made a good impression for your birthday."
Keith chuckles.
"best birthday ever..."
Shiro smiles brightly at that.
after another crying session Keith finally eats his cupcake that Shiro made. yellow cake mix with strawberry frosting. it was pretty good. he then opens his gift and laughs at a stuffed hippo with wings.
"i love it... best gift ever."
Shiro blushes but smiles.
it's not until night comes they finally head back to the Garrison.

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the days that pass all blur together. Keith is finally having the time of his life with Shiro around. and Shiro, in all honesty, is happy that Keith has let his walls down around him now and to be there to witness the new experiences, like the major holidays.
Shiro has come to be able to read Keith like a book, and the emotions that run across his face and eyes was so easy to see now. and he will give Keith a present any chance he gets, along with hugs and his favorite, Keith's laughter.
but all too soon, the shuttle is done being made and preparations are now being made. Shiro sees Keith getting nervous but excited for him. they talk about being able to pilot together one day and what they will do when Shiro gets back.
it's day before launch day and Shiro is excited and nervous. he manages to take Keith around the shuttle as the two smile and grin. that evening they go on one more race through the skies. the next day they have one last hug before Shiro boards the shuttle with Matt and Sam.
Keith watches the take off from his favorite gazebo. watching the shuttle break the atmosphere and smiling.
"I'll be here waiting for your return Shiro..."
Keith says softly, staying there well into the evening before finally turning in for the night.
Keith continued to stay ontop of his work and beating all of Shiro's sim scores as well as flight scores in the sky obstacle. it wasn't until the halfway mark of the mission that news of pilot error has Keith freezing in his tracks and staring at the large tv in the common area.
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it was in that moment, Keith's world shattered. it was also in that moment he knew this news was a lie. but he couldn't tell. his breathing was getting shorter gasps as he continues to watch the news before finally running to his room.
he was starting to have a panic attack. but he couldn't help it. Shiro was his anchor, his everything that helped him focus, took a chance on him and he proved it wasn't wasted. until now. his feathers were puffing up and he couldn't focus. he needed air so he runs outside.
looking up at the sky as he takes flight, not knowing where he was really going but he flies as high as he can, screaming out his sorrow and anger that had built up so quickly. he doesn't realize how high he has gone but stops when his tears started to freeze to his cheeks.
he stays up as long as he can before finally heading back to the Garrison. he tries to sleep, but all he can do is toss and turn.
the days started to pass in a blur and he just couldn't believe this was it. Shiro was gone but he didn't believe what the Garrison was saying.
it didn't take long foe Keith to lash out, then got kicked out with what few belongings he had, along with a few of Shiro's things. he takes off towards the desert, ravens and hawks flying with him until he reached a shack. he knew it was his from his father.
he easily slips back into old habits of only talking to the creatures around him. he tidies up the place and would have random breakdowns. some days were harder than others. there was one night in particular he almost gave up on his own life. it just hurt so much.
but something, a feeling reached out, in a way called to him. it was that night on Keith started looking for that feeling, that energy. he would hunt for his food, take some odd jobs here and there to save up enough money to get a run down hoverbike and fix it up.
living alone and surviving in the desert was hard on Keith, but he managed. he had natures true teachers to help him along when he would get stuck. he managed to find the cave with the carvings, took pictures and just prepared for when something would happen.
a purple comet then comes streaking across the sky and Keith knew, he just KNEW that was Shiro as he crash lands. but the Garrison get to the crash sight first. but Keith was calm and made the perfect distraction to head in.
Keith easily takes out the guards inside when he reaches the table and instantly recognizes the wings before he sees the body.
he tentatively moves Shiro's head so he can see the other's face clearly. he wanted to cry but had to move quickly and learns he had company.
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before long, Keith has everyone on the bike and he was able to pull off a stunt to get back to his shack and lose the Garrison officers. there was a lot of bickering but Keith took Shiro to the only bedroom in the shack.
before they all know it, they find the blue lion and are all out in space, fighting off a war space ship to get it away from earth then going through a worm hole to a totally different solar system and soon landing on a planet.
it was from then on their lives changed. Keith would try and get moments with Shiro, but found it almost impossible with Shiro being the leader. learning to train with everyone was difficult. but when it came to Shiro, they still had their synced movements, still able to reach -
each other in their movements and learning new moves from the other. almost like they were back before everything happened.
Keith never asked what happened and never would. he wanted Shiro to know he will always be there for him.
though the one thing Keith had a hard time doing was trying to connect with the others. he didn't really know how, and Lance... Lance was just so loud and in all honesty, hurtful with his words. but he would never show it. but Keith would still try and Shiro knew he was trying.
when there was starting to be a rhythm, a flow to all of them, they encounter an intruder on the ship. Keith seeing the emblem on the hilt of the blade made him freeze. they learn the Galra is Ulaz. his wings huge and black with hidden speckles on the underside.
Ulaz is more than happy to see Shiro again and tells them of his base and where to find the main base. Allura of course skeptical and not trusting any galra. but Ulaz seemed to have endless patience and understanding. but soon the base is attacked.
the paladins all struggling and Ulaz doing something to help them with a win. Ulaz managing to abandon ship before the mecha got consumed by the space folding taco. Shiro was more than relieved that the Galra made it, but was also transfixed how Ulaz was able to use his wings in-
space. everyone watches with aw as Ulaz approached them and headed back to the castle of lions and from there on, made their way to the coordinates the galra provided. but he also seemed to be eyeing Keith and Shiro a lot. it made Keith puff up a lot and Shiro just didn't notice.
Ulaz couldn't help but smile and then made a sound no one heard before Keith responded to it. as if he made that sound all the time. it surprised Shiro and the others. but it mostly surprised Keith and he blushes and runs out of the room. Coran had caught on quickly to the sound.
Coran knew then that Keith was, is part galra. only the younger of the galra, the kits made that sound to an answering call from an older galra checking up on a kit. but he kept quiet. not saying a word as Ulaz's expression went back to showing no emotion, but could have sworn-
he caught a glimps of anger from how Keith responded and how it turned to sadness and just like that, no emotion at all. Ulaz remained where he was as the others started talking about the sound Keith made and what Ulaz did, but he didn't speak much of it.
Shiro had shortly after gone after Keith, concerned for his dear friend. he manages to find Keith up in a hidden crevice and managed to get him down.
"Hey, it's okay."
Keith just shook his head, tear streaks on his cheeks. Shiro didn't understand why Keith was so upset, but he -
pulls the other into a tight, comforting hug. Keith quickly hugs back, almost as if his life depended on it. he doesn't ask Keith how he knew that sound, but knew whatever had happened back there, it was a shock even to him. but right now, he needed to comfort his friend.
before long, they reach the base, they take the red lion after Lance degrades Keith again, and even Ulaz narrows his eyes at the blue paladin, but not saying a word as Shiro had it under control. when they reach the base and Ulaz explaining quickly to the leader why they are here
the leader just gave a hard look at Ulaz, though neither of them waiver before they finally go down into the base itself. once there, things get tense fast over Keith's blade and then the trials as Ulaz looked about ready to tackle his own leader and explaining how Keith is-
a kit. but the trials were already under way and Keith took on each level, up until he knew he couldn't and maneuvered his way down one of the lifts going down in the floor. it was there he collapsed and the suit activates.
Shiro was ready to go in there and fight every galra he could. he watched in horror his holographic self belittle Keith and started to walk away. hearing Keith cry out to not leave him again just shattered his heart. when it shifted to Keith's father though, Red was acting up.
sensing Keith's distress as the lion tries to make her way to her paladin. when Keith comes to, the real Shiro is there to help him up gently, ready to fight but Keith was ready to give up the blade he held onto dearly when it transformed.
needless to say, the flight back to the castle was a tense one for Keith. after Ulaz had tended to the wounds and making small sounds Keith was able to respond to, it just made him more upset. when Kolivan had walked in on Ulaz and heard the sounds, his reaction was almost anger.
not at Keith, but for a kit to be in battle so young. kits are the most valuable to a galra and it was upsetting to find out that it was indeed true.
once back at the palace, Kolivan introduced himself to Allura and his small team. but it was during their discussion that -
Keith's heritage got brought up and everyone just looked at Keith with horror, fear, shock, and from the princess, anger. Keith wanted to tell them, but there goes that. and all the eyes on Keith made him shrink into his wings before the room exploded with questions from the -
paladins. Keith really didn't know how to answer and was already overwhelmed and exhausted. Shiro had to silence them all before he walks Keith to his room to rest.
after the meeting and the galra leave, the air is still tense and Shiro hopes it wont last.
Shiro is wrong. he is so wrong that he wants to yell at everyone. the moment Keith had stepped into the dining hall the next day Allura had stopped all conversation she was having with the others and left when she noticed Keith. Keith shrunk in to his wings, hesitating to even go
to the table after that. he takes a step back but Shiro was quick, saying his good morning to Keith and walking over to the other and leading him to his spot at the table. the other were still silent, watching Keith as if he has lied to them as well.
as the days went on, Allura finally announced she wanted Keith to wear bells. she couldn't trust Keith knowing now he is half galra and couldn't be trusted with how quiet he always was. Keith almost had a panic attack right then and there at the mention of wearing bells.
Shiro almost lost his temper right then and there, pulling Keith close when Keith let slip a distressed sound that Shiro hadn't heard in ages and Coran was even stricken with Allura even suggesting that. but Keith wanted to keep as much peace as he could... so he wore the bells.
the moment they were slipped on around his neck and ankles, Shiro saw the moment Keith slipped back into his old self. wings tight to his back, eyes down and shoulders up to his ears in fear.
"Allura, this is abuse." Shiro finally spoke up, agitation in his voice.
Allura just scoffs.
"i assure you it's not. it's so i know where he is at all times."
Shiro glares.
"you already know where any of us are at all times with the suits and bayards."
"He is galra! he can not be trusted!"
Keith had flinched at the shout. the bells chiming.
Coran was more than upset about this, but his concern quickly grew when he watches Keith. looking down, his entire body language screaming afraid, abuse, and that this was no longer a safe space for the red paladin.
Hunk was the first to catch on to Keith's drastic change wearing the bells. he instantly felt bad for even being upset with Keith when he obviously has no control over who his parents are. so, he tries to talk to Keith again. but never got reaction like he used to.
Pidge had noticed shortly after Hunk. but also noticed the signing between Shiro and Keith. learning more that Keith and Shiro really did know each other for a while. but she also tried to talk to Keith. but just like Hunk, she never got a response, like his voice disappeared.
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soon, Hunk and Pidge are the ones trying to let Keith know they are friends. that all his hard work isn't for not. but every time they would start to see a reaction, to have a moment, Allura or Lance would ruin it. it happened so much that Keith was starting to just stay in his -
room until he was actually needed to form voltron. but Shiro wasn't having it. he had worked too hard back on Earth to get Keith to have his walls down. with every verbal remark about galra though, Shiro was close to snapping at the princess, and Lance.
it is a few days later, another battle won but with the help of the blades. it was during a video call with Kolivan that the leader's ears twitch at hearing the sound of bells, and seeing Keith walk past. the posture Keith held was one of fear and abuse. without warning Kolivan -
growls and snaps at Allura. Shiro was not expecting that, nor anyone else in the room. But Kolivan had every right to be angry at Allura. she got a brutal lesson how bells were used for torment and just from the glimpse of Keith's posture it screamed child abuse.
Allura was close to tears but stayed silent as she let Kolivan speak. by the end of the call, it was a rude awakening to the princess that if this wasn't fixed they would lose a very valuable ally and a red paladin. Coran was there the entire time, as well as Shiro when Allura -
finally turned around, quickly wiping away stray tears and left without a glance at either of the men. Coran just sighs but hopes this would get Allura on the right track and stop assuming all Galra are bad.

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Only two day cycles pass and the bells are still on Keith. No one else knew how good Keith’s hearing really is except Shiro and now Coran. But Keith could hear the princess scream in -
Frustration and anger from whatever room she was in. It makes him scared. He knew he was the problem but still trying to show he was doing his best and wanted to be sure she was alright. But that was a grave mistake.
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