Bringing back Azonto would only mean extending Hiplife's illustrious legacy and taking dance culture of the youth on another wave.

This will be good for Ghana's music. My only wish would be let's keep the content positive, story telling and humour.

Why? ...
Why? Aside for the greater good of humanity, it will be fit to be consumed by all ages, meaning more reach. Then it will uniquely separate itself from Afrobeats which Ghana virtually birth but lost to Nigeria in market share & impact.

Invariably, it will also be another shift from the boring lyricism of Afrobeats chiefly the "ohemaas" and "Abenas" no need at all.

That is just my wish but the key things to note here are:

i) Azonto is a variant of Hiplife which Ghanaian and our own.

ii) Azonto is a mutant offspring of the Jama Hiplife sound, youth dance culture and/or added picks from South African House bass and synths, and sometimes pop-influenced techno horns.

iii) The remnant Azonto sound of the mid 2000s when stripped and BPM reduced... /4
...with just the right highlife elements became the foundation of the protoype Afrobeats sound.

iv) Azonto coming back shouldn't mean we shade other genres or sub-genres of Ghana's music (the opposite happened to kill Azonto back then for a return to more rap).

Ghana's music is at best more influential and rewarding when we are accommodating and in support of the diverse music forms. Let creatives flourish in doing in whatever form they are inspired to do (sing/rap/recite/dance).

One genre won't take us out there if needed. Osibisa...
Osibisa comes to mind as our biggest music export. They just didn't do strictly highlife. They produced what inspired and influenced them - the true state of art!

There are too many factors at play on the global stage to have one identical sound reign globally and with longevity
If that was possible, Indian Music or Folklore South African music would be king just as people expect a stricyly highlife will win for Ghana.

Polymorph sounds uniquely blended are always trend-setting globally, ask Drake!
So yeah, #BringBackAzonto. Let's not relent on the creative and dynamic additions to the sound. Also, let us not make it short-lived.

There is enough space for every genre to thrive & so let's support one another, even if a particular genre is or becomes the dominant sound.
Your thoughts amd comments are welcome. Pls reply with your tweets.

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