I remember sometime in 2018, I was new to Twitter. Just got back to it. I wanted to win a phone for my babe from @TECNOMobileNG and I needed retweets. Several hours passed, no one knew me.. Nothing! Not even a like! I searched my followers list and chatted @Buttergirlll up👇
To my greatest surprise, she responded and even helped me rephrased my post, Reposted and tagged influencer too. @Buttergirlll. I ws surprised and kept saying MA! MA!
She didn't know me but I was marveled at the way to acted.May God bless you more and keep you ma. @Buttergirlll
Although I didn't get the phone from @TECNOMobileNG because someone else got the highest retweets but I was happy and will always pray for her. Thank you again má @Buttergirlll
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