From the May Queen dress in #Midsommar to the bedazzled Furby from #UncutGems, A24 is auctioning off props from their iconic catalog to raise money for New York City coronavirus relief efforts 
💐🌸🌹You can frolic through the Swedish countryside in Florence Pugh’s May Queen dress from #Midsommar 
Zone out in the bear suit worn by Jack Reynor’s #Midsommar character 
The “finishing mallet” used in #Midsommar is one of the items available in A24’s prop auction 
Bet the house on the jewel-encrusted Furby from @JOSH_BENNY’s #UncutGems 
You can wear @idinamenzel’s Bat Mitzvah dress from #UncutGems to next year’s Passover dinner 
“This is how I win.” Place a bid on the racecar bed from #UncutGems in A24’s prop auction 
Kevin Garnett’s #UncutGems Celtics jersey could be yours 
. @ElsieKFisher’s time capsule from #EighthGrade is the real jewel of this collection 
You can bid on the pool goggles worn by Gabe, the chicken nugget chef from #EighthGrade 
If you want to conjure the demonic spirit of King Paimon, bid on Annie’s ominous doormat from #Hereditary 
“You’re fond of me lobster, ain't ye?” Robert Pattinson’s mermaid figurine from #TheLighthouse is one of the props available in A24’s charity auction 
Hark! The titular light from #TheLighthouse can be yours 
You can bid on Rue’s hoodie from #Euphoria as worn by @Zendaya 
The skateboard board from Jonah Hill’s #Mid90s is up for auction 
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