Taylor will make Cruel Summer the next single and may drop new music soon : A Thread

(This is going to be a VERY long and elaborate thread)
Taylor has used the term “Heavenly” at least 4 times since 2018.
-The first time she used “heavenly” was the pittsburg rep tour post on 8th August 2018 (8/8/2018)
- Then in December to compliment Maggie Roger’s cover
- The third time Taylor used “heavenly” was during the vogue interview with Anna Wintour on the exact date as before which is 8th August but in 2019 👀 (8/8/2019)

-The 4th time where she used “heavenly” was on 18th April 2019 to compliment Maisie peters cover.
Now, coming to a different word that has been recurring through the era and before is “Angels”. The first time was on 23rd June 2018 when she performed the song “angels” with Robbie williams during rep tour.
The second time she used the term “angels” was on 30th March 2018 when she commented on a fan’s post on Instagram which is 2 weeks before the actual clues to lover era began 👀
Taylor launched her official site called “ http://aprilTwentySix.com ”. It was found that the page code of the site had the term “halo” in it and “halo” is also mentioned in dont blame me handwritten lyrics where she added wings to it indicating an “angel” 👀
Taylor also introduced her Stella x Taylor merch collab just before the album release. In one of the tees you can see some sort of angels and devils situation going on in the Cornelia Street part.
It’s evident to note that the only song on Lover which has the terms “heaven” and “angels” is Cruel Summer in the lyrics “devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes” and “no rules in breakable heaven”
Just before the release of Lover album, Taylor posted an Amazon commercial in which there’s a butterfly with “Cruel Summer” written on it 👀
This was the only song title present in the Ad.
Also, the mural in the City of Lover concert Paris had a butterfly which is similar to the butterfly with cruel summer written on it in the Amazon Ad.
The ME! Mv opens with a scene where Taylor fights with her lover with a Xmas tree in the background and the lyrics “living in winter I’m your summer” and also you see palm trees indicating summer.

The subtitle is the first reference to false god 👀
We see Brendon staring out the window indicating the lyrics “Killing me slow, out the window
I'm always waiting for you to be waiting below” from cruel summer & “staring out the window like I’m not your favourite town” from false god

This is the second reference to false god 👀
The other Easter eggs in ME! mv indicating cruel summer Include :
- angel wings on doorway
- band filled with angels
- A shattered sky = breakable heaven
- Brendon casually jumping off a balcony and flying because there’s “no rules in breakable heaven” 👀
I also found that the arrow through the heart in the word “Lover” and the unicorn on which Taylor is sitting in ME! Mv is also present in Stella x Taylor merch for a cruel summer sweatshirt 👀
YNTCD mv has 2 Easter eggs related to cruel summer lyrics:
- dice on table scene = “devils rolls the dice” lyric
- Ellen gets a “cruel summer” tattoo and goes through pain & we see redness around the tattoo indicating the lyrics “if I bleed you’ll be the last to know” 👀
Lover mv also has Easter eggs in the form of board games titled “Breakable heaven” and “devils rolls the dice, angels roll their eyes” lyrics from cruel summer.

I also noticed that the dice on the second board game are the same dice from YNTCD mv 👀
The Easter eggs in The Man mv are :
-The Man looking out = “killing me slow out the window”
-Loren Gray is shown rolling her eyes and her fans are called “angels”
- The Man looks like “This May”
- wedding scene has the “58 years later” in it [ 5+8 = 13 ]
The word “Heaven” in Cruel Summer is at 1:33 in the song. “Heaven” is also repeated at 1:31 in False God 👀

Adding these two durations gives 2:64 which reversed is 4/26

Which is ME! release day 👀
The last time Taylor used the word “Heavenly” was on 4/18 and it has 8 Letters.
And you knows what’s 8 days after 4/18??


I’m convinced we’re getting something on 4/26. Maybe another Easter egg for making cruel summer the next single.
Now, remember the “58 years later” from The Man mv? 5+8 =13

THE 13th Day from ME! release day (including 4/26) is 5/8 which is 8th May 2020 and it also happens to be a Friday 👀

I also think we’ll get new music from Taylor. The dice on the board game in Lover mv add upto 19 and there’s “0719” on the other game. TS7 which is Lover has only 18 tracks.

There’s one track missing in the Lover album out of the 19 according to this 👀
There’s also “Los Angeles, California, made in USA” printed on both the games & LA is also called the “City of Angels” 👀

If we consider 0719 as a date it’s 7/19 & 7 days (TS7) from this date is 7/26 which is supposed to be Lover Fest in LA

coincidentally or not 07+19 = 26 👀
BUT HEAR ME OUT, The first and third time Taylor mentioned “heavenly” was on the dates 8/8/18 & 8/8/19. See the pattern?

GUESS WHAT? 13 days after 26th July is 8th August! According to this pattern, On the date of Lover fest LA (7/26) we may get Easter Eggs leading to 8/8/20
Maybe Taylor will release a new song on 8th August 2020 according to this pattern.

Since Angels are related to Heaven maybe that’s why she keeps repeating the word “Heavenly”

Perhaps the new song is titled “Angels” or “Heavenly and it’s out on 8/8/2020 👀
Also, Taylor has been incorporating Cupid references a lot :
-The lover photoshoot had a Cupid holding a bow and arrow
-the Lover title in ME!
- In Stella x Taylor merch
- Taylor posted a pic with Archer caption ( bow & arrow tease) on 7/26 last year 👀👀
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