There seems to be some kind of #Corona competition going on in #Madurai between 2 ministers. At a time when PM, Union Ministers & State CMs are avoiding public appearances, looks like these TN Ministers can’t live without facing cameras 1/6
#Madurai reporters are already fed up & now scared to cover the events organised by these ministers where social distancing norms are blatantly flouted. Look at this report by @NairShilpa1308 to see how "well" these events are organised 👇🏽2/6
According to sources in #Madurai, there is a competition between Ministers Sellur Raju & RB Udaykumar to organise events & get media coverage. If RBU has an event in the morning then SR will hold one event in the evening or the next morning. 3/6
Both #Madurai collector PRO & #Madurai Corporation PRO make sure that those reporters who attend #RBU's event also compulsorily covers SR's events. They make sure ther is wide publicity in both print & TV. Otherwise they are answerable.
These are few more screenshots of invites from PRO's to cover the events on a daily basis. Since Ministers are inaugurating the events, the officials are also forced to leave everything else & participate in the photo op. 5/6
After @TimesNow news report went viral, TN Minister RB Udaykumar has issued a statement urging journalists to follow social distancing norms & meanwhile another msg pops up on the WA group asking journalists to cover TN Minister Sellur Raju's event at 8 am tomorrow.
What is the need for so many events on a daily basis? And even if they want to do these events, why can't they have proper arrangements or do it through VC?

Btw RBU handles disaster management & wonder what is he doing in #Madurai when he should be HQ during a pandemic.
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