high school musical songs in season 2 of hsmtmts: a thread

includes general context, who’s performing, side by side comparisons and some extra notes

these are random if they are terrible pls don’t hurt me
“work this out”

howie, red, ricky, nini , gina, ashlyn

working at the pizza shop

we’ve got to work, work, work this out!!

choreo mixed with pizza making, slowly they get more organized as the song goes on
“I don’t dance”

seb and carlos vs ricky and ej

the latter pair has not improved on the dancing and doesn’t think they need to. team seblos disagrees

very cool partner moves crossed with epic failures, Ricky and ej are not into it

“Come on!
I don't dance
I know you can”
“Gotta go my own way”

Big red and Ricky

maybe after a robotics competition where ricky never showed?

Red is tired of being 2nd choice

“what about us? what about everything we’ve been though?”

“what about trust”

“you know I never wanted to hurt you”

“but what about me”
“Bet on it”


miss jenn is stressing this kid out

this isn’t hype it’s more of an emotional breakdown

bonus points: Seb follows him

Los thinks he can fix it but this is stressful

“I’m not gonna stop, not gonna stop til I get my shot, that’s who I am that is my plan”
“The boys are back”

ehs vs the rival school

hip hop intense number, tensionnnn

a seb and ricky high five would really be excellent

“bad” glee vs warblers vibes

“Undefeated here in our house, yeah!”

Seb of course! Trying to explain what he wants his spring break to look like!

I have an even more in-depth version of this on *cursed* Wattpad if you’d like:

“I want it all”

our favourite power couple seblos is gonna take this one of course!

also in depth on wattpad (I’m sorry it’s wattpad okay)

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