I’m gonna say this right now so none of y’all get confused. I like to keep my tweets mostly PG. This one sure as hell won’t be. It pisses me off majorly that y’all think it’s okay to hate on the guys’ girlfriends.
The shit I’ve seen on here is so hypocritical. Y’all are mad that Billboard made the guys sad, how do you think they feel when you hate on their girls? It sure as hell doesn’t make them happy. Just because you have an opinion DOES NOT mean you should voice it.
Y’all need to learn that your words carry weight and that they hurt. You have no right to be hating on these beautiful and lovely women. Unless you know them personally, which I highly doubt any of you do, you have absolutely no right to hate on them.
You don’t know them like they do, so what makes you think that you’re the almighty judge of character? NEWS FLASH: YOU’RE NOT! I don’t care if you don’t like their looks, their voice, etc. You DO NOT have to say anything about it.
Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were criticized everyday for things that are out of your control and you did nothing to deserve the hate? I’m pretty damn sure you wouldn’t be very happy.
How do you think it makes the guys feel to come on social media and see people attacking the person that they love? It hurts them to see you guys doing this to someone they love. Again you don’t know them like they do. You don’t know their life story or what they’ve been through.
So just grow the hell up and learn when to be quiet. Okay? It’s not that hard. We’ve always been told to think before we speak. Well, the same thing applies to posting. Think about what you’re about to say and how it will affect people.
If you’re aiming to hurt someone, CONGRATS! You’re a terrible person. No one should be aiming to hurt a person that has not done anything to you personally. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it pisses me off and I needed to say something. Thanks, have a nice day🙂
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