Lady Gaga is behind all of the leaks... CONSPIRACY THREAD ⚔️💓⚔️💓⚔️
Around summer/fall of 2019 we got this demo. Everyone said it sounded like a BTW reject and literally nobody moved
This was a demo of her LEAD SINGLE from the highly anticipated LG-6. This is right around the time of her “Social Experiment” tweets.
Right around Halloween she posted this pumpkin and an iPod with her single’s name. This was the only news we were fed at this point about the upcoming music.
Even at Engima Shows (now a confirmed track on #chromatica ) she called her fans Kindness Punks- a nick name for us this era
Who can forget January 2020. HIGH QUALITY Stupid love snippets and the full single from her first pop album in almost 4 years leaking. She is an A-list artist- they should be able to keep this one things safe. However, every single person was streaming.
It was being played at Clubs, Opening sets for Kim Petras, at fashion shows, MEMES of it. It was a cultural reset. In Gaga’s documentary 5’2 she talks about how much leaks effected her during the Joanne era. Might she have taken that power back?
Literally 2 days after the leak she was on the set of Stupid Love and told us how much she loved us in her ice bath. Is this a coincidence? We may never know. But she 100% knew we had the leak. Why else put the date?
When all of the other leaks happened they have pushed up the dates. For Stupid Love they didn’t move an inch. It had been out for around 5 weeks before it was even announced and released. (Billboard 1/2)
On this billboard fans noticed it said LG-6, and CHROMATICA. We had no idea what it meant, but we figured it was the album name. This whole era has been filled with hints and little monsters are insane detectives. (Billboard 2/2)
After #StupidLove fans started notice Ariana and Gaga following each other on Instagram. Ariana is known to be very open about music releases and when she is working on music. She posted a birthday post of the two on them in the studio- a near confirmation of #RAINONME
Don’t get me started on Babylon- literally used for her #HausLabs debut. Everybody immediately collapsed! Fans looked at some BTW footage of what appeared to be Gaga saying “Babylon” and ran with that, making so many theories about the song.
Who can forget this gem? “Bobby we’re using the song” #BABYLON @hauslabs was announced summer 2019. We have had a high quality instrumental since then and had no idea.
March 16th we got the Paper Magazine photoshoot and interview. The interview describes Gaga asking her manager to play a song on repeat that fit Babylons description. Is it a coinicidence that nearly 2-3 days later a confirmed demo/snippet leaked with camera flashes in the back?
This was our confirmation that the Haus Labs instrumental’s title is Babylon and our first listen of the lyrics (besides @imgagasholyfool clowning us lmao). A modern day vogue and we cannot wait to EAT THIS UP!
March 24th (our d-day) we got the dreaded announcement that #Chromatica would be post poned. She told us about her surprise Coachella set and “other fun surprises”. A collapse in the worst way 😔
April 4th- a random website posted the Chromatica Artwork and we went nuts. This is the moment we were like wait a damn minute how tf all this leaking. Even bazzi posted it 😭 and then at 7PM EST the official LADY GAGA WEBSITE posted it for around 10 minutes then removed it.
HOW DOES HER OWN TEAM MESS UP THIS MUCH. IT HAS TO BE PLANNED OUT. Official announcement was April 5th the next day and we got the full quality!
April 8th and in style shoot comes out where she is asked what it means to be a free woman. Immediately leaks of her saying “free woman” leak. ATRL (fads) said its rumored to be announced. The leaks were real and copyrighted.
The same day she comes out about her social experimental tweets. She wants to understand people and was trolling us lmao.
April 18th- still and eventually clips of her LIVE EVENT leak. How the hell they gonna leak a performance and why 😭 this one was just out of pocket #OneWorldTogetherAtHome ✨✨
Who can forget the fake rain on me leaks and all of the fake INSIDERS like... anyways I’m still mad bc this is a collapse.
And then the REAL RAIN ON ME LEAKS literally yesterday. Even more of a collapse and it’s only demo. I’m not posting it bc I don’t want to be s worded but literally ask anyone lmao. This is leaked song number 4. We have had
Stupid Love
Free woman
Rain on me
All leak!
And finally today... TARGET POSTING THE TRACK LIST. LITERALLY TARGET?!!!!! How could TARGET accidentally leave this up for almost 3 hours. Thread to be continued.
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