Remember all of the terrorists attacks that usually take place at this time of year, March and April, anyway, one year ago yesterday, Obama, Hillary, Nancy, Warren etc. all tweet about Sri Lanka (Islamic) terrorist attack on “Easter Worshippers”
(A short thread)
“Islamic extremism, Suspected retaliation for the Christchurch, NZ mosque shootings”
Which leads me to Podesta??
Amazing! @TheJusticeDept
Thread on John Podesta in New Zealand 8 Days Before Shooting
17 Mar 2019 - 7:15:28 PM📁

Motive in NZ shooting?
Islamophobia/ White Supremacy
How Convenient.
Blame game 🙄 C_A
Roman Calendar
March= Mars (God of War)
April= Aphrodite (Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Sacred Prostitution)
Which leads me to this event that happened April 2019... #NotreDame
Michelle Obama sips Champaign as Notre Dame burns.
Also, all heads removed from statues at Notre Dame a week before the fire for “Restoration”??
Why behead the Apostles?
Does the DeepState use False Flag Operations to change the narrative?? Does the DeepState use FF operations to make war with the saints?? @FoxNews @POTUS @GenFlynn #WWG1WGA #TheSilentWar @TuckerCarlson @rushlimbaugh
All Q Drops on False Flag Info  👈
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