NEW: After Dems won a critical victory in Wisconsin, 2020 supreme court elections in these four states are key for stopping GOP gerrymandering. Dems have a chance to solidify their majority in NC, gain majorities in MI & OH, & reduce the GOP majority in TX
The U.S. Supreme Court's GOP majority has barred all federal challenges to partisan gerrymandering, but John Roberts has let states like PA use protections found in every state constitution to strike down gerrymandering in state court in a way that's insulated from federal review
In North Carolina, Dems hold a 6-1 majority & are defending 2 of the 3 state Supreme Court seats on the ballot. Their majority is guaranteed through 2022, but if the GOP wins all 3 races & beats Dem Gov. Roy Cooper, they're likely to pack the court to a 5-4 GOP majority #NCpol
Michigan Dems have an excellent chance to gain a majority on their state Supreme Court in November. They're defending one incumbent, but the GOP is defending an open seat with their incumbent facing mandatory retirement. If Dems win both, they'll gain a 4-3 majority
Ohio Dems flipped 2 GOP-held state Supreme Court seats in 2018, & if they flip the other 2 that are on the ballot in November, they would gain a 4-3 majority. Doing so is critical for putting some actual teeth into the so-far toothless redistricting reforms passed in 2015 & 2018
Texas GOP has a 9-0 majority on their state Supreme Court, but 4 GOP seats are up in November. If Dems swept every seat, they'd only need to flip one more GOP seat in 2022 to gain a majority. Doing so would let them strike down the most impactful GOP gerrymanders in the country
Dems would have gained a majority on Wisconsin's Supreme Court with April's election win had they not lost the 2019 election by 0.5%. But WI Dems have a chance to gain a majority in 2023, & future Dem court majorities could strike down GOP gerrymanders under state constitutions
Yes. If the commission deadlocks, Michigan's court could end up drawing the new districts. Also, the U.S. Supreme Court could strike down redistricting commissions passed by ballot initiative without legislative input. John Roberts would have done so if Kennedy hadn't stopped him
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