A thread about why undocumented immigrants are at greater danger from #COVID19. I'm talking about #Baltimore but applies similarly to other cities. And other groups, too. Because our webs of disadvantage trap many different people. /1
They have unsafe, demanding jobs often defined as essential without corresponding pay or protection or rights. Have to show up to work, often even if with symptoms. /2
Often live with multiple family members or roommates-- a half dozen to an apartment, perhaps. It's what's available./3
There is stigma. Many are reluctant to test. They must work to eat. Testing involves stigma and the chance of unemployment. Even more: testing sites often have cops--> specter of deportation. #AbolishICE /4
They can't pay for medical care. What if testing, or associated consultation, costs money?/5
Note that some of the above applies even if there's a vaccine.

So what can we do?

1. Our governments and institutions should make direct cash grants to these populations.

2. Food aid.

3. Hotels for housing.

4. No cops at test sites.

5. No collaboration with ICE. /6
I forgot something. Language concordant care is still something most US hospitals suck at. Frequent example is hearing on signout "they speak some English." No. HOSPITALS' JOB is to get them their language. YOUR BOSSES have to make this happen.
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