tanzanians: i have a [conspiracy] theory that magufuli is not as stupid as we think he is , but maybe he’s a lot more evil than we anticipated
from my understanding, there doesn’t seem to be adequate reasoning for the tanzanian government not to implement recommended measures to protect their citizens
@zittokabwe , leader of the @ACTwazalendo political party has graciously compiled information and suggestions on how the government should deal with this pandemic
one of them being using National Social Security Funds (that essentially BELONG to the citizens) to help sustain the livelihoods of tanzanians who do not have formal employment, which is - let’s face it - most tanzanians
expanding on the above aforementioned suggestion - @zittokabwe has expressed specifically that the NSSF funds can cover an estimated 300,000 tz shillings for all tanzanians . this amount in total will be less than half of the gross official reserve
getting to the ‘conspiracy’ part of this thread 🧵. magufuli and other members of the ruling party have made it clear their disdain for implementing lockdown , even partially . he has made obtuse and absurd arguments to eschew the logic of locking his country down
https://twitter.com/magufulijp/status/1250814359519014912?s=21 most (in)famously, the attached tweet and most recent tweet by our president, stating that we should essentially ‘pray the virus away’ https://twitter.com/magufulijp/status/1250814359519014912
i sincerely cannot express in words how disappointed i am that our country leaders have not even done the BARE minimum to protect tanzanian citizens . we must ask ourselves why is it that magufuli has isolated himself in CHATO , whilst he knows majority of cases are in DAR ?
is this some kind of SICK ploy to garner population control ??? is this how our country leaders start dabbling in eugenics ??
african leaders have a dirty reputation for being corrupt thieves , and i’m finding it difficult to separate this narrative from how they have been responding to the COVID-19 crisis
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