Last week I saw my neighbor give our trash collectors something and when I asked out my window what it was (bc I am bored and nosey) and he said he's given them a little money and said to have lunch on him. #COVID19 #EssentialWorkers 1/4
So I stole the idea and put cash in an envelope (it wasn't much but hopefully it will cover lunch) and legit just ran out, barefoot, in pajama pants, w/ hair looking like THIS and gave them the envelope w/ a note on the front thanking them for all they do. 2/4
The note thanked them for their work ALL the time but esp. now as THEY risk so much so WE can be safe. We can't ever repay them for the lives they save, but that lunch was on me.

It was such a small thing to do but I got a "honk of thanks" and that was fun. 3/4
NOTE: This thread isn't meant to be a humblebrag and I'm not looking for praise or a cookie for doing something so small compared to what essential workers do each day. I just loved the idea and thought it would be nice if it spread to others who can afford to do it. 4/4
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