1) Why changing the narrative was critical for Trump . . . and for the USA.

2) @rushlimbaugh discussed this on his show Monday, noting that it was imperative Trump change the narrative from the disease and # of infections to getting America open and back to work.
3) Yes, it was important, maybe THE most important thing, to get people focused on getting back to normal.

4) And yes, Dr. Fallacy and Hit-the-Brix, we WILL go back to normal, sooner rather than later.
5) But there was an equally critical reason for changing the narrative from the China Virus.

6) It involves Alinsky. In "Rules for Radicals," Alinsky makes the point of directing Whackadoodle Liberals to "isolate" their enemies. (Note: not "opponents").
7) As long as Hoax News can control the narrative and keep it on the China Virus and infections and deaths, they control the narrative.

8) It's more than about what the narrative is (i.e., it's more than just "China Virus" vs "Open America").
9) It is about control. WHATEVER the narrative was that Hoax News settled on, it was essential for them to keep it to one thing.

To Alinsky-style, isolate it.

In this case not to destroy it but to control it.
10) You see, an "open America" is not just one different narrative.

11) The story suddenly explodes geometrically into thousands, even millions of stories about people getting back to work.
12) It's not just that Hoax News doesn't want to report good news or normalcy (they don't) but once it's anything BUT the China Virus they lose total control.

Which story is important? How can we spin "this" one against Trump? "That" one? But wait, CNN is spinning it differently
13) "Open America" isn't one narrative. It's the narrative of all Americans' dreams.

14) Without lock-step regimented opposition to every single story, Hoax News loses 90% of its impact and influence.
15) Needless to say, one of those stories is the utter buffoonery of Demented Biteme in his padded basement with his caretaker nurse/wife bringing him broth and a bib.
16) Demented Biteme hasn't lost ground during this, but he absolutely has not gained ground, because no one knows he exists.

One almost can envision Jill Mengele tossing him a tube of lotion: "It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does it when it's told."
17) A public Demented Biteme is the DemoKKKrats worst nightmare--a Titanic that manages to suck in all the lifeboats along with it.

18) Not only can Hoax News not control the Demented Biteme story, but every minute now they have to dedicate to this doddering tool is a minute...
18) contd . . . not dedicated to bashing Trump. Opening America diffuses their resources.

19) Except during the "China Virus Narrative," an unexpected thing happened:

20) Trump's appeal went up.
21) He is now the savior of the suburbs, the manager-in-chief.

22) It will be impossible for Hoax News NOT to cover reopening. It they go Full Depression, even some of their loyal viewers will shut them off.
23) Trump has pulled off the wrestling move called the "Reverse Alinsky," broadening the discussion to where it's almost impossible NOT to cover "good things."

24) Oh, and psst:

Along the way Trump has indirectly dealt a serious blow to "experts" of all sorts.
25) The "experts" were already on the ropes from 2016 "expert" political analysts and "expert" campaign managers and "expert" pollsters and "expert" Hoax Media types.

26) Then came the "Muh Russia." The "experts" at the FBI and CIA were exposed as dwarftoads.
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