As a community, we all have a part to play in creating a more sustainable world. In partnership with @sustainableGU, we're celebrating all the ways in which our Hoyas commit to sustainability on campus and at home.
#EarthDay2020 #HoyaGreen
Dagomar Degroot, an associate professor of environmental history in @GeorgetownColl, works with scientists to uncover climate change history. In the classroom, he leads students through histories of both crisis and resilience to climate change. #HoyaGreen 
As the Director of Outdoor Education, Kristoffer Nessler relies on the natural world and environment to create and lead outdoor experiences for students. His mission at Georgetown is to get students off campus and connect them to local parks. #HoyaGreen 
On campus, Hannah (SFS'20) leads a residential composting initiative. Through the Laudato Si fund grant, she has helped 50 student households compost their food waste, dramatically reducing Georgetown’s environmental footprint. #HoyaGreen 
Randall Amster, the co-director of Environmental Studies, devotes his work to understanding and improving the environment. To him, the environment provides an opportunity for communities across the world to connect and work together. #HoyaGreen 
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