The most bizarre argument against homeschooling is that kids need public school to be "socialized." Evidence from our culture very strongly indicates that the public school socialization method has failed. In fact socialization is the best argument FOR homeschool, not against.
To socialize a child is to teach the child how to be a mature, well adjusted person who can function in society. Again, it is pretty clear that a great many people who went to public school have not developed this way. The reason for that is obvious:
In public school, kids are socialized BY OTHER KIDS. Meaning, they take their social cues and learn how to be people, how to act, what values to adopt, etc, but aping their peers. Blind leading the blind. They come out scarcely more mature than they went in.
In homeschool, however, the socialization is done by the parent. The child learns from the adult how to act, what to do, how to be a person. This is obviously a much better and more successful and more natural system.
When people say homeschool kids are "weird," what they mean is that homeschool kids are mature and can do weird stuff like maintain eye contact and have an intelligent conversation, and to many in our culture that makes them weird, as in abnormal. Which they are. Thank God.
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