Now to the great achievements n feats of this fanbase
1.First fanbase to be brandish a name"Spartans"which is the new cool of other fanbases today
2.First fanbase with an official symbol n logo which other fanbases follow suit till date #SpartansAnniversary
3.First fanbase to av an official website" "which functions well
4.First fanbase to av a YouTube channel of its own where works n great deeds that av bin achieved can be watched #SpartansAnniversary
5.First fanbase to embark on a charity work themed"Spread love with ceec"done February every year across the African continents of which two editions av bin done in a roll(Namibia TV which equates to our nta in nigeria aired the namibia part via news) #SpartansAnniversary
Which I feel av birthed what most fanbases do today.
6.First fanbase to gift their fav cash donations(the three million cheque gifted to her wen she landed in Nigeria) before then,what was seen was individuals(rich n notable ppl) giving cash n gifts to hms. #SpartansAnniversary
Which I can say was an eye opener for other fanbases giving their favs gifts n cash donations till date.Need I say,Ceec was the first hm to trend worldwide which in turn gave the show more views, popularity n audience. #SpartansAnniversary
Truly,Ceec n Spartans are the templates n prototypes then,now n in years to http://come.An  household name never to be forgotten,they lead others follow.Long live Spartans!!!,long live Ceec!!!..One love❤️. #SpartansAnniversary
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