For our aeronautical innovators, when it comes to designing the next generation of passenger-carrying airplanes, it's all about four E’s.
#EarthDay #EarthDayAtHome
So what IS electrification in aviation? It's all about how you manage to propel the airplane forward so the amount of fuel burned is reduced, but still get the desired power during every phase of flight–taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing and taxi again! #EarthDay #EarthDayAtHome
Another way to get more fuel efficiency out of an engine? Change its configuration! Jet engines have become more efficient by changing the amount of air flowing through the engine core vs. flowing around the core through fan blades (aka bypass ratio). #EarthDay #EarthDayAtHome
The Transonic Truss-Braced Wing aircraft, designed to be more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient than current designs, will be used to tackle the challenge of increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of an airplane moving through the air. #EarthDay #EarthDayAtHome
💪Structurally stronger
⚖️Less weight
🗓Longer lasting
👷🏼‍♂️Easier to repair

Composite materials have been used in aerospace settings for decades, and should see increased application to develop more efficient, sustainable vehicles. #EarthDay #EarthDayAtHome
Why is NASA doing this? 🤔

These efforts are part of NASA Aeronautics’ Strategic Implementation Plan, which was developed through listening to the needs of government agencies, industry, academia and other stakeholders in the future of aviation. #EarthDay #EarthDayAtHome
✈️To make aviation sustainable→reduce impact on climate change.
✈️To reduce aviation’s impact on climate change→reduce greenhouse emissions.
✈️To reduce greenhouse emissions→reduce amount of fuel burned.
✈️To reduce fuel burn→make aircraft design more efficient.
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