On Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, we find ourselves in the midst of two crises unlike ever before: a global pandemic and global climate disaster. Today, the entire world unites under a shared fear, shared hope, shared unknown, and shared planet. #EarthDay #EarthDay50
We were unprepared for COVID-19, but we can prepare and fortify our communities for the imminent global climate crisis. Together, we can and we will solve both challenges.
2. Act. Follow @earthdaynetwork on social media today for 24 hours of action. There will be a new, impactful way you can demand action and create change shared every hour, on the hour. Tune in! 🌍🌎🌏
4. Educate. We all have a unique opportunity to learn from experts during today’s 24 hour Earth Day Network global livestream. Invite a friend or family member to watch with you. Knowledge is power.📔
1. Speak Up. Share what you are fighting for this Earth Day. Is it for your family, for frontline communities, for safe water to drink? What compels you to act, and why does it matter? Use #EarthDay2020 and #EARTHRISE to connect with the larger community.🎤
3. Vote. More than 65 countries will host major elections in 2020. This is monumental. Check your registration status today and stay educated on climate policies.🗳️
Can we count you in? Here are 4 ways to get involved. ⬇️
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