As I discussed with students including @AnthonyMBarr in a program for @ISI last year. So at least some "organizations that spread the gospel among our youth" do teach Chambers, Kirk...even Bozell.
I could mention students programs by @HudsonInstitute @HertogFDN @tikvahfund and others that teach Strauss, Kristol, and others non-libertarians discussed in the piece.
If you want to argue that these efforts are insufficient or ineffective, let's talk about how to make them bigger and better. But the "libertarians ate my baby" argument is tiresome.
The actual problem is a bit different. A strategy of elite-conversion is never going to work well for a populist movement. If you want to assert working class interests, you need genuine working class organizations, not different seminars for college students.
In practice, that means unions. But while some conservatives have (wisely) reconsidered their theoretical hostility to unions, I don't know of any who have actually gotten involved in union politics.
Instead, there's a sort of shell game of replacing bad thinktanks with good thinktanks, bad little magazines with good little magazines. But that's actually *the same strategy* with a slight change in content.
In sum, if you want independence from the donors *don't rely on the donors*. But if you do, don't whine that they promote their agenda and not yours.
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