A word about the US supply chain.
As an American who moved to Asia in the mid 90s I was clueless how different everything worked outside the US. In Singapore I wanted to make tuna salad. There was no tuna at the store. I inquired & was told, literally, the boat hadn't come in.1/
Finally a few months later cans of tuna were on the shelf! But there was no mayo. It was another few months before that boat came in. I learned if you see it, buy it because it might not be there when you want it. This was clearly very different than I was used to in the US 2/
It made me appreciate the US supply chain like I had never before.
Years later when I was living in Shanghai but was back in the US on home leave we were on our way to the airport & realized we had forgotten to buy dental floss which was not widely available in China. 3/
We stopped at WBA. I ran in. 20 minutes later I came out and my husband asks what took so long. I said do you know there is a wall of dental floss? Waxed, unwaxed, mint, cinnamon, plain. Then there are the brands and the length, etc. I was not used to all that choice. 4/
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