1/ Part 1 of my reflections on the Michael Moore-backed #PlanetoftheHumans 🍿🍿🍿
2/ The YouTube write-up is an accurate summary of the movie's argument.
The misanthropy inherent in the phrase "out-of-control human presence" is ... revealing. 🤦‍♂️
3/ This movie will split the environmental movement between the (hardline, blue collar) "degrowth" and (moderate, white collar) "green growth" factions.
It's a proxy for class politics, Gaia-style!
4/ Here's how the two sides look if you mapped them onto the familiar technology diffusion model.
There is indeed a chasm between the two groups.

Green growthers now far outnumber degrowthers; the movie wants the movement to return to its hardline roots.
5/ I suspect white-collar, wealthier green growthers will dismiss the movie for a lot of outdated information.
Blue-collar, hardscrabble degrowthers will champion its condemnation of photo-op incrementalism. And the corruption. Oh, the corruption!
6/ On to the movie itself!
It has three unimpeachable subtexts:
1. no one likes hypocrites
2. no one likes grifters
3. everyone wants to believe in feel-good stories

(Boy that'll sound familiar to $TSLAQ...)

... but that'll have to come in a couple hours' time!
7/ Re: hypocrites, #PlanetoftheHumans calls out the idea that #solar and #wind are a perfect solution.
I don't know many non-grifters who say they are.
So it feels like a strawman argument.
8/ Add energy storage (short term 🔋, long term H2 and existing! hydroelectric! dams!) and you largely solve intermittency.

That said, 💯 support for criticizing festivals and companies who say they're 100% solar or renewables-powered, when they aren't. Ahem.
10/ We learn the Koch Brothers 👹 embedded themselves in the solar panel value chain. They profit from solar subsidies!! 💸💸
11/ Al Gore gets called out for selling his TV channel startup to (LNG exporting titan) Qatar's Al Jazeera. I don't see the big deal myself. Why not? He could pour more one-time fossil money into renewables!
12/ A big deal is made about Saint Bill McKibben and http://350.org  getting money from the Rockefellers. He was clearly uncomfortable when challenged. Well jeez, if you aren't comfortable with the money, you should've refused it. 👎
13/ Me, I'd've pulled a Clay Davis Jr and said "I'll take any motherf*****'s money if he's just giving it away!!".

You may know Clay from this GIF 👇
15/ Taking fossil money was *extremely* controversial in the club. Was it the right move? Yes. Would I have done it? Yes! Every time!! Coal is/was the bigger foe!
I'll circumvent Godwin's Law by referencing Churchill. 👇
16/ The movie correctly calls out hypocrisy.
Everyone makes mistakes (e.g. Koch-enriching 🤣 biofuels). Honest people admit it.
Preachy people who know they're hypocrites prevaricate.
The movie showed who they are. 🎥
More soon. ⌚️
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