So, COVID-19 has created some serious challenges for Ada Lovelace Day, as it has for many small businesses. We have had to cancel our main event of the year, Ada Lovelace Day Live, and with that goes much of our income for the year. But you can help! 1/6
In January, we launched the Finding Ada Network, a new online mentorship and knowledge sharing network for women in STEM. Now we need to find a dozen businesses in the UK or NZ who’d like to buy subscriptions for their female staff. 2/6
We already have some fabulous orgs bringing women on board, incl @JPMorgan, @dataschooluk & @iCOMET_York, but we need more businesses to get involved. This is an opportunity for companies to use mentoring to support their female staff through a very difficult time. 3/6
We know that mentoring works. It increases promotion rates and improves staff retention. It makes mentors & mentees happier, helps them improve soft skills & leadership skills. So why wouldn’t you want your female staff in a mentorship program? Let’s face it: You do. 4/6
So if you work in STEM in the UK or New Zealand, talk to your HR lead about getting your company on to the Finding Ada Network. If you’re a STEM business leader, contact me - my DMs are open or my email is at the bottom of 5/6
And if you’re a woman in STEM and you want to be a mentor or find a mentor (or both!), then you can subscribe for £9 a month. Finally, please RT this thread so we reach more people, and let’s get ALD on a firm financial footing! 6/6
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