a #kiribaku au where Eijirou’s not sure what’s up with Bakugou and the guy’s shutting him out. It’s later when he’s sleepy and ready for bed that he types in his code ‘1610’ to open his dorm door, or he thinks it’s his, when he gets to find out what’s up and a few other things.

- this fic is a request for the wonderful @nikosank who came up with the awesome prompt (below!)
- I’d love to add this story to kiribaku week but it doesn’t fit any of the prompts :’) but I’m glad if I can just add some krbk to the week
- be prepared for fluff galore!
It was breaching seven at night when the class were finishing their group workout, all tired fist-bumps and ‘we did awesome!’ as they trudged back to the Heights Alliance.
Eijirou was talking animatedly with Sero and Bakugou who looked like he was blatantly not listening, but his grunts every now and then said otherwise and Eijirou grinned as he threw an arm around the guy’s shoulders. “What you planning to do now, bro?”
“Everyone’s gonna go shower, Kirishima, duh,” Sero laughed but Bakugou was shaking his head as he shrugged off Eijirou’s arm, making the latter blink. That was new.

“Don’t wanna go with all you losers. Gonna go back to my room. Bath later.”
“A-Ah, want me to wait with you, then?” Eijirou asked, though it seemed like it was falling on deaf ears as Katsuki moved ahead faster, steps heavy and purposeful.
But when the guy was a few metres away, he raised an arm and gruffed, “Do what you like,”, then he was disappearing back into the dorm complex. Sero and Eijirou looked at each other with a frown.
“Was that worse than usual? I barely even know…”

“He’s probably just tired and didn’t want to admit it,” Eijirou laughed, even though he had worry curling inside him too. “I think I’ll wait. Have a good night, yeah?”

“Mhm, see you, lover boy!”
“Shut up, why?!” Eijirou whined as he slapped at Sero’s hand ruffling his hair, and the latter was laughing as he waved goodbye while Eijirou mock-glared at him then hurried inside, trying to see if he could spot Bakugou but the guy was probably already making his way up.
Eijirou knew he never took the elevator, so he made his way up the stairs too and waved at some of the others looking at him quizzically. “Just going after Bakugou!”
They seemed to be more understanding as they smiled at each other, and Eijirou ran up the stairs, almost going up the fifth flight before he skidded to a stop and pushed the door to the fourth floor open instead, and he managed to get there just before Bakugou closed his door.
“Bakugou! Wait!”

The door paused, and Eijirou was breathing heavily when he halted in front of it, resting a hand on the wall and the other on his hip as he tried to catch his breath.
Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows, opening the door a bit wider as he stared. “We literally /just/ had a workout. You tryna break your body or some shit?”
“Yeah...I mean, no, no way!” Eijirou said quickly once he snapped out of it and saw Bakugou’s increasingly dark glare. “I just- bro, I just wanna make sure you’re alright, you know?
And you don’t need to tell me anything, if there even is anything wrong because there doesn’t even need to be something, I’ll just be here. So, uh, wanna stick with me? Until you wanna go have a bath?”
Bakugou’s eyes were narrowed as he stared at Eijirou a bit more, and he tried to smile. But he blinked when Bakugou’s lip curled and he was snarling, “Stop assuming shit, and go have a shower right the fuck /now/. You stink.”
“Wait! But does that mean you’ll also-”

He flinched when the door was slammed in his face, and he deflated. “Guess...not…”
He didn’t really feel in the mood to go bath now, really, even though he usually listened to what Bakugou said but his limbs felt even heavier than they had a few minutes ago.
He frowned to himself and slowly trudged over to his own door, tapping in his code ‘1610’ (yeah it was generic but his birthday was really the first thing he had thought of for it)
onto the keypad by his door which unlocked with a click so he was able to push it open, walk in, and collapse face-first onto his bed.
‘I thought we were the kind of close where he’d tell me these kinds of things now’, Eijirou thought, pushing his face into his pillow as he looked at the floor, inwardly sighing. ‘You know, the things that bother him.
But he’s shutting me out completely...and I know, I just know from looking at him that there’s something up - even if it’s a bad mood he can’t explain, I wanna cheer him up. That’s all I want to ever do, really, just make sure he’s okay. Damn it, why can’t he let me?’
He shifted to face the wall separating his and Bakugou’s room, looking at it with sad eyes. “Bakugou?”

No answer. Obviously. Eijirou didn’t even know if he was being loud enough.

“I hope you feel better, bud.”
He didn’t know what he was waiting for anymore but he got up after a minute, sighing tiredly as he stretched out his arms and stumbled over to the bathroom so he could brush his teeth and all the gel out of his hair, and he’d be able to head off to the baths after.
Whether Bakugou came or not.

And he hadn’t, but Eijirou wasn’t actually thinking about it as he walked back from the showers contentedly clean and sleepy.
He slumped against the wall in the elevator as it lifted him through the floors, and he closed his eyes for a second before scrunching up his nose when he heard the ping of the elevator coming to a stop.
He was so ready to knock into bed and sleep forever right that instant and he only had a few steps left before he could reach slumber haven, and he could do that easy as he shuffled forward, raising his hand to lazily pat his mouth while he yawned.
He waved goodnight absently at Shoji’s door, then huffed a little at Bakugou’s door, murmuring childishly, “I don’t care if you hate me, I’m refreshed and you’re not, so there,”
but then he paused, feeling bad immediately after but it was out there now, and all he could do was shuffle on embarrassedly until finally he was at his door.
“1...6...1...0,” Eijirou muttered as he weakly punched keys, and he smiled sleepily when the door clicked and he made his way inside. He grabbed his towel from his shoulder and dropped it randomly and instinctively reached for his hem
so he could pull his shirt over his head, and he dropped that to the floor too once it was off. Then he made his way through the darkness, and patted around until he felt his bed. Except he didn’t feel a bed. He felt something warmer, harder. Smoother.
And Eijirou had never been snapped awake quicker than then, when he blinked his eyes a million times, leaning forward as he tried to push his night vision into overdrive but at least as far as he knew, there was someone asleep in his bed.
Someone who /wasn’t/ Eijirou. In /his bed./
He tried his best to calm himself down, closing his eyes for a moment as he pep-talked himself up in his head because come on, he was a hero-in-training, he could handle this no problem!
He turned to his nightstand, patting it to try and find the lamp before blinking in amazement when he couldn’t find it. He turned back to the figure in his bed with wide eyes, thinking, had this maniac taken his lamp too? What had they done to it?!
Eijirou groaned quietly as he rushed over to the balcony window and drew open the curtains, letting moonlight seep in and he turned his head so fast he could’ve caught whiplash when he heard a light groan. “Who the fuck…”
Eijirou’s heart dropped to his stomach. And it was such a strange feeling, but he didn’t know how else to feel when he saw a just stirring Bakugou in his bed, slightly sitting up as he rubbed his eyes and turned to face Eijirou in tired irritated confusion.
He lowered his arms soon, and peered at Eijirou through slits while Eijirou was still trying to make sure his lungs were working. “Eijirou…?”
Whatever his heart had done earlier, it was upped tenfold now because had Bakugou just called him /Eijirou/?
“B-Bro, what are you doing in my room?” Eijirou finally managed to croak out and Bakugou frowned, turning his head to look around confusedly before he went back to facing Eijirou with a tilt of his head so cute that Eijirou was really about to combust.
“D’you have fucking eyes? It’s my room…”

“B-But- the code-”
“It’s my fucking room!” Bakugou growled, before he was groaning, flopping back to lying down but he still peered at Eijirou even though half his face was covered by duvet, so Eijirou could just see his messy hair and squinting bright red eyes. “This is a dream, right?”
“Huh?” Eijirou asked, coming closer because he couldn’t hear Bakugou behind the duvet that was muffling him, and Bakugou’s eyes followed him, carefully.

“Is this a dream?”

Honestly? At this point, Eijirou wouldn’t quite know. “Maybe.”
There was silence for a moment, before crinkles grew at the corners of Bakugou’s eyes - smile lines? - then Eijirou heard, “Yeah, it’s a dream.”
And Eijirou was yelping as all of a sudden he was tugged onto the bed, arms wrapping around him as a head rested on his chest.
God, his heart was beating so fast and it seemed like Bakugou could hear it as he snorted, raising his head slightly so he could splay his hand over Eijirou’s chest above his heart. His /bare/ chest, to reiterate. “Why’re you still a nervous weirdo in a dream?”
“‘Cause, uh...authenticity?”


“T-The coolest types of dreams are when they’re most like the real thing.”
“Mm. Guess that could be true,” Bakugou mumbled, sounding slightly more smug which amused Eijirou a little. And while Bakugou’s arms were roaming trying to find a comfortable position, Eijirou was locked in himself, unsure if he was allowed to touch Bakugou
no matter how much he wanted to, unsure if this really /wasn’t/ a dream he’d wake up from with one false move, because he didn’t want to go back to sleeping alone, he didn’t want to go back to sleeping thinking Bakugou hated him, didn’t trust him anymore, didn’t- “Oi.”
Two fingers under Eijirou’s jaw tipped his head up, and he met Bakugou’s curious gaze. “What’s up with you?”

Eijirou smiled, shaking his head. “Nothing! I just, this is- it’s really nice, bro. This is really nice. I don’t want it to end, I guess.”
Bakugou’s expression eased at that, looking at Eijirou with the softest look he had ever seen on the guy, eyes half-lidded and face calm and...there was something else. Something like when Bakugou saw cats, something like when Bakugou was reading books he liked.
And while Eijirou was getting so lost in the gaze and trying to figure it out, Bakugou was leaning in and pressing his lips to Eijirou’s so softly that for the moment, Eijirou forgot to panic.
Maybe it was because he was really starting to think that this was a dream, too, but he closed his eyes and let Bakugou kiss him, again and again.

“Katsuki,” Bakugou whispered, and Eijirou’s breath hitched as he slowly tried to nod.

“Ka-Katsuki, uh...do we...always kiss in dreams?”

Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows. “You’re weird today.”
Eijirou’s eyes widened at that. “Today - so do you...do you dream about me a lot?”

“Idiot, what is this, an interrogation? You’re here almost every night, don’t play dumb.”
“O-Oh,” Eijirou breathed out, slightly dazed as Bakugou leaned down again and Eijirou had to force himself not to reach up to chase Bakugou’s lips that were only a hair’s breadth away. “Yeah, I totally knew that.”
“Mhm,” Bakugou said with an unimpressed look, but then he was closing the distance and this time Eijirou kissed back as it lasted longer, and his arms wound around Bakugou’s shoulders as Bakugou drove into him, pressing up close.
Then Eijirou realised with a start, well, it may be a longshot but if Bakugou was /kissing/ him then perhaps he’d tell him about what had been wrong earlier.
“Hey, Ba- Katsuki, uh-”

“I like it when you say my name,” Bakugou hummed out of nowhere and Eijirou was pretty sure he was about to combust, his words dying in his throat.
Bakugou was just so hot that it was messing with his senses, soft and sweet but his touch and voice were electrifying, and Eijirou almost forgot what he wanted to talk about but he just about managed.
“Today, you- after the class workout, you didn’t seem okay? Were you okay? /Are/ you okay?”
Bakugou stilled from where his lips were about to meet Eijirou’s neck and Eijirou had his eyes squeezed shut, close to dying from feeling Bakugou’s gentle breathing against his skin, but then the sensation left.
He cracked an eye open, and turned his head to see Bakugou moving back before flopping down to settle into Eijirou’s side, a sour expression tainting his features. “Why’ve you gotta ruin things even in a goddamn dream.”
“Wha- is that implying I ruin things a lot?” Eijirou asked with a frown, heart sinking but Bakugou turned his head to look at him, eyes wider in slight panic.
“No way. What? No, you fucker, you don’t- but, what’s the point of telling /you/? You’re not real. And then telling the real Eijirou is different. He won’t kiss me, he wouldn’t be with me at night.”
‘I would’, Eijirou thought instantly, before frowning, because he didn’t quite know if he was the real Eijirou or not. “What do you mean?”
“What am I supposed to do if every time we fight and I’m pinning you down, you look up at me with that massive bright smile of yours?” Bakugou grumbled, thwacking Eijirou’s mouth lightly which had the latter blinking in surprise, but for more than one reason. His /smile/...?
“And annoying big beautiful eyes.” Bakugou tapped Eijirou’s eyes too which he quickly closed to protect, but he blinked them carefully open when Bakugou’s fingers rested on his cheek warmly. Before pinching.

“And I can’t fucking do anything about it ‘cause it’s not like you’re doing anything wrong but I still wanna beat you up even more and throw you across the damn place and just…”
Bakugou pressed his forehead against Eijirou’s, the irritation on his face easing just a little as his eyes flicked to Eijirou’s lips. “Kiss you ‘til you can’t remember your name.”
“Y-You could,” Eijirou breathed out without really thinking, and Bakugou snorted, shaking his head as he looked down and slipped his hand under the covers to find one of Eijirou’s hands, then he lifted their intertwined ones up right in front of Eijirou’s face.
“See, /now/ your hand fits in mine but it wouldn’t when I’m awake. I just know.”

“But I’ve held your hand before, bro, I thought...I thought they fit pretty well?”
Bakugou stared at him in mild surprise, then he was groaning softly before he pecked Eijirou’s lips, quick and fast several times and Eijirou was laughing a little by the end.
“I /didn’t/ fucking ask you to say something cute like that. I’m being metaphorical anyway. And what would you know? You’re a dream.”
“‘You’re a dream’,” Eijirou snickered lightly, and Bakugou looked so enamoured by him. “That sounds flirty out of context.”

“‘M hoping everything I’m saying to you right now sounds fuckin’ ‘flirty’, dipshit.”

“It does. Really. You’re killing me here.”
Bakugou grinned, saying a pointed, “Good,” before his head settled under Eijirou’s chin, and Eijirou tried not to think too much about Bakugou’s hands on his chest.

“So, was that - were you mad earlier because you weren’t able to, uh.../kiss/ me?”
Eijirou yelped when Bakugou hit his chest. “No, idiot. Or I mean, not just that. Got too angry at how perfect you were and the fact that I couldn’t have you, and I know it’s fucking cowardly to be angry at you ‘cause of that
but sometimes I just can’t help it and I just can’t bear seeing your dumb sweet face anymore, and I don’t know how to do that without slamming a door in your face.”
“That was a big slam.”

“Shut the fuck up. I know. I’m sorry, alright? I fucking...I won’t be able to tell the real one that so just, I’ll tell /you/ I’m sorry, at least.”
“It’s okay,” Eijirou said softly, patting Bakugou’s hair. “I mean, if it’s about me then I get it. Why you wouldn’t wanna tell me, I mean. I just thought you’d stopped trusting me or something and well, that hurt a little, you know?”
“Oh fuck off,” Bakugou growled, and he actually did sound angry, angrier than he had the entire night and Eijirou felt worry filling him as he was about to try and remedy what he didn’t even know had gone wrong
until Bakugou murmured in a voice so much smaller and softer, “I’d trust you with my life.”
Eijirou’s eyes widened and he pulled Bakugou up, so he was faced with a weary narrowed-eyed look. “Seriously?!”

“Yeah, moron. Thought that was fucking obvious? You’re there for me literally whenever you can and I don’t even think you know how to judge someone.”
“...is that a compliment?”

“Yeah. Look, I ain’t fine-tuned in this friend stuff even though I know it’s been ages now but I’m all yours. Like, God - I’m wrapped around your finger and yeah, I hate it but I don’t.”
“Dude, stop contradicting yourself,” Eijirou laughed even though his heart was racing at ‘I’m all yours’, but Bakugou adamantly shook his head as he drove a hand into Eijirou’s chest, hard.
“No, you fucker, ‘cause you make me ache but you ease my pain, I want to punch your smiles off your face but see them every second of every day, I want to beat you up but hold you gentler than I’ve ever held anything.”
Eijirou let out a shaky breath, feeling tears prick at his eyes, just a little but he wasn’t sure why. Or maybe he was. “K-Katsuki, wha-”
“One more,” Bakugou muttered, leaning down to lower himself against Eijirou so their chests hit, their legs tangled and Bakugou’s hands, warm, calloused, big hands, cupped Eijirou’s face.
“I hate you, dear God, I hate you /so fucking much/ because of what you /do/ to me. But I’m in love with you.”
“Me too,” Eijirou whispered, and he didn’t care if he’d only figured it out seconds ago, if it was something he should probably put more thought into because he still /knew/. “I love you.”
For a second, Bakugou’s eyes widened a fraction in surprise, eyes glassy as they stared into Eijirou’s and he opened his mouth slightly. But then his expression was closing off as he sat up, turning away casually.
“Yeah ‘course you do, you’re my fucking dream. You’re meant to do what I want.”
“Oh.” Eijirou had forgotten about that. “But I still do, so...let’s be in love! And cuddle! And not be sad! Because dreams are supposed to be happy.”

“That’s not always true.”

“But I /want/ it to be true, bro, at least now.”
Bakugou sighed but nodded as he slipped further down again so he could lie down, facing Eijirou with their noses almost brushing, and Eijirou had a thought that he wouldn’t mind staying like this forever. Especially when Bakugou reached out for his jaw and lips were on his again.
“Good night,” Bakugou murmured, kissing Eijirou’s nose which was so unexpectedly cute that it took a second for Eijirou to reply.

“U-Uh, sweet dreams?”

“Don’t be a pisstake.”
Eijirou giggled, flushing a little when Bakugou kissed both his cheeks then pushed Eijirou gently so he was lying on his back, then he rested his head on Eijirou’s chest again.
And Eijirou was still for a moment before slowly he rested his face in Bakugou’s hair, and curled an arm around the guy. The latter hummed, satisfied as he buried closer, and Eijirou couldn’t believe that he had got this lucky.
Even if he was Bakugou’s dream and he wouldn’t exist soon, even if he wasn’t, he’d been drowned in love and done what he’d wanted from the start: make sure Bakugou was okay.
And the thought made him smile as he hugged Bakugou closer and closed his eyes, whispering, “I love you,” again, to feel it for the second time on his tongue, and it felt even more right.
He wondered why he hadn’t thought about those three words earlier because now it was all he could think about - he loved him, he loved his best friend, he loved his...dream boyfriend?
He loved Bakugou.

And he might not hate him at the same time, like Bakugou said, but he was in love too.
The sun streaming through to the room was what had Eijirou wincing, trying to cover his eyes that he groggily blinked open, wondering why he hadn’t closed his room curtains like usual.
He sighed, grimacing when the sun on his face made him feel the need to sneeze and he tried to turn his back to it, only to freeze, because there was something on him.
And when he lowered his arm and looked through bleary eyes, he made out a face next to his, asleep, facing him. Calm. Bakugou.
Eijirou looked down and saw Bakugou’s arm loosely around his waist, and the duvet kicked down the bed. Almost on cue, Eijirou felt a little cold and he was about to reach out for the duvet until he thought, maybe that shouldn’t be what he focused on right now.
He looked around, and realised now truthfully that this was definitely Bakugou’s room, no doubt about it, and so all that was left was trying to rack his brains about how the hell he had got in here in the first place.
And of course try and think about everything that happened last night, but Eijirou’s morning brain cells weren’t ready for that yet.
“Bakugou,” Eijirou whispered, reluctantly because he didn’t want to wake up a sleeping beauty but he needed to. “Katsuki, you awake?”
Bakugou grunted but didn’t move and Eijirou frowned. “Bro, please. We have a dilemma. I mean, it might be a dilemma, I don’t know, but-”
“Shut the fuck up, shithead,” Bakugou groaned, pushing Eijirou away as he turned and yawned, running a hand down his face. But then he paused, and there was an agonising silence for a moment
before Bakugou snapped his head to the left, staring at Eijirou’s chest where his hand was currently pressing, then he whipped his head up to see Eijirou who blinked, swallowing a little as he tried to smile.

“What the /hell/ are you doing here?”

“I don’t know, bro, I really don’t, I’m trying to figure it out too.”
Bakugou stared at him in utter disbelief then snatched his hand away, holding it to his own chest as he moved back, and Eijirou’s eyes widened as he reached out to grab Bakugou’s wrist.
“Stop, you’ll fall off the bed-”

“Do I look like I fucking care? You’re /in my bed/!”

“Yeah, but - I was already in your bed, right? For a night? So why would this freak you out now?”
“Okay. Okay, hold on. If you’re about to tell me,” Bakugou said lowly, almost seething as he sat up and poked a finger into Eijirou’s chest so hard that Eijirou stifled a squeak, almost setting off his Quirk, “that that /wasn’t/ a dream, then you’re about to get skewered alive.”
Eijirou gulped, subconsciously raising his hands in surrender. “T-To be fair, I thought you were dreaming too.”
Bakugou’s face froze in an expression mixed with such a capacity of rage, disbelief, and confusion, before he was grabbing Eijirou by the shoulders and shaking him about so hard that he felt like jelly.
“Holy shit,” Bakugou breathed out, staring at Eijirou for a second before he sat up completely, dropping his head into his hands. “I knew you were dumb but holy /shit/.”
Eijirou frowned, opening his mouth to complain until Bakugou was suddenly attacking him, yelling out while explosions set off from his palms and Eijirou screeched as he hardened his body and tried to get away but Bakugou was caging him in his arms,
holding a sparking hand right to his face and Eijirou could just make out the rabid look on the guy’s face behind it, like he was ready to /kill/.

But it fell apart in seconds, because of tears.
The instant Bakugou’s eyes teared up, his face scrunched, and he was almost sobbing as he banged at Eijirou’s chest again and again and Eijirou unhardened so it wouldn’t hurt his hands, letting him.
“So what?” Bakugou rasped out eventually, his head collapsing onto Eijirou’s chest as he squeezed his hands into the tightest of fists, and Eijirou could see his knuckles turning white.
“So what if it wasn’t a dream? So you were messing with me? Letting me have my fun before you tell me how disgusting I am once it’s morning?”
“/No/, oh my God, Katsuki-”

“Why the fuck are you calling me that?!”

“You told me to!”

“What, last night?” Bakugou sneered, eyebrows raised. “You think you have any right to refer to /anything/ that happened last night?”
And the words really stirred something in Eijirou. He sniffed, trying to shrug casually as he felt his eyes pricking and he raised an arm to wipe at them, even though he wasn’t near crying yet.
“I don’t know. Guess it doesn’t matter that it’s when I realised I love you. No, no I can just forget that bro, if it’ll make you feel better.”
Bakugou stared at him, eye twitching. “Don’t fuckin’ play with me-”

“But I’m not! I’m not, I really...nothing I said last night was a lie. And I don’t know what we are in your dreams but it was perfect and it was all I wanted, and it just made me realise a lot.”
Bakugou bit his lip then, before slowly pulling back, getting off Eijirou and sitting down beside him, resting his chin on his hitched up knee. Then he muttered something Eijirou couldn’t hear.

“We’re boyfriends,” Bakugou muttered, hiding his face in his knee. “In my dreams, I mean. We’re dating.”
“We are?” Eijirou asked in astonishment and Bakugou turned his head slightly so Eijirou could see his eyes, softened from their usual dynamo.
“Didn’t you get that from the kissing?”

“Oh God, don’t even talk to me about the kissing, I had no idea what that was and why but it blew my mind.”
Bakugou snorted, shaking his head before looking down. “I knew it was different. I fucking knew. Usually we just kiss and shit but you were asking all those questions and being strange and nervous but I just - I was just happy you were there.”
“Bakugou, wait,” Eijirou said quickly but softly, finally sitting up as he tried to move closer but Bakugou flinched, so he stayed where he was. “Why just in your dreams? Why didn’t you ask me out in real?”
“Are you an idiot? I’m not about to think you want me, I don’t even know if you like guys-”

“Dude, I’m gayer than a rainbow, you /don’t know that/?”

Bakugou blinked, looking like he was rethinking his life. “...okay. Maybe I don’t have much of a gaydar, shut up.”
“Nah, you must not have one at /all/,” Eijirou said with a grin as he manned up and moved to sit next to Bakugou, nudging the guy lightly with his elbow. “Because I at least thought you knew I think you’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met.”
Bakugou’s eyes grew wide and Eijirou shrugged, fiddling with the duvet. “I mean, I knew there was probably /something/ more there, with, uh, how I feel about you. The others are convinced I have a crush on you, but I never knew for sure,
I just knew I wanted to be there for you and care and help and just be with you. But now I /also/ know that I adore kissing you and saying ‘I love you’ feels really, /really/ good. So I guess everything mixed together just speaks for itself.”
Bakugou had raised his head now, looking at Eijirou with the enamoured look that he could remember from the night before, but this time it was dashed with disbelief and awe. “So...what are you saying?”
“Well, I guess I’m saying that I’d like to still be in love with you. Outside of a dream.”

Bakugou snorted, smiling a little and it instilled so much happy hope in Eijirou’s heart. “You’re such a moron. A sappy, sappy moron.”
“A sappy moron who’s about to ask you what your door code is.”

A flash of panic darted across Bakugou’s eyes. “Huh?”

“‘Cause mine’s my birthday,” Eijirou said, carefully. “Is yours also...my birthday?”
Bakugou exhaled forcefully out of surprise. “That’s how you got in here. You were a dipshit who mistaked my door for yours.”
“I-I think so,” Eijirou said embarrassedly, though a smile was growing on his lips as the thought really hit him. “Oh my God. You really /are/ in love with me.”

“I’ve thought about having a boyfriend who’d like, have my birthday as his phone password or something. But instead I’ve got an explosive best friend who’s in love with me have my birthday as his /room code/. And that- that’s better. Miles.”
“...oi,” Bakugou said, tone lighter this time, and Eijirou felt a hand brushing his hair out of his face. He looked up, about to question him but before he knew it Bakugou was leaning forward and popping something into Eijirou’s open mouth.
Eijirou blinked in confusion then saw Bakugou smirking while waving a packet of mints, before placing it back on his nightside table and in a quick split-second, Bakugou was back and moving in close, hand cupping Eijirou’s jaw and with one tug, their lips met.
Sleep-soft and lazy, but so warm, minty and plush as Bakugou parted Eijirou’s lips just enough to swap the mint into his own mouth, and that had Eijirou’s heart racing so fast
as Bakugou’s arm curling around Eijirou’s waist to pull him in had him melting, and there were so many feelings at once that he didn’t feel like he could /breathe/.
And Bakugou seemed to sense it as he pulled back to watch him with gentle eyes, running his hand through Eijirou’s hair and messing it up lightly, probably for no real reason but idle warmth, and Eijirou wanted more. He wanted Bakugou’s warm touch on him everywhere, every second.
“You’ve got a really cool imagination, you know,” Eijirou murmured as they both leant in close again, almost there. “If you can dream about me being your boyfriend that much. That’s /so/ cool, I could never.”
“Well lucky you ‘cause you don’t have to when you’ve got the real thing,” Bakugou grinned, but he seized up when Eijirou was the one to start a kiss this time.
“You neither,” Eijirou promised, and Bakugou’s eyes softened so fast. “I’m real. I swear. I’m not your dream. I know that now!”
And Bakugou snickered at that, knocking his head against Eijirou’s and imprinting a whisper of ‘idiot’ against his jaw before pulling Eijirou down for the kisses they couldn’t get enough of.
“D’you think I can get my code changed to 2004?”

“Ewww, it’s something else when we’re both doing it.”

“Wha- I wanna be cute too!”

“Eh? You /really/ think it’s cute? Not fucking creepy or some shit?”
“Hey! I told you what I thought and really, I keep getting giddy whenever I think about it. Like, Bakugou Katsuki has my birthday as his /code/. You type that in like...multiple times a day?” Eijirou muttered in disbelief, biting his lip as he hid his face in Bakugou’s neck.
“S-See, I’m already blushing, bro! It’s so...gah...and I mean, it let /this/ happen so I owe it, a /lot/.”

Bakugou smiled, nosing Eijirou's hair as he pressed his lips near Eijirou's ear, murmuring, “I fucking love you.”
Eijirou let out an embarrassing noise and coughed to try and cover it up, even though he knew he was fooling no-one. “T-That’s cool…”
Bakugou snorted, then reached behind Eijirou to grab the duvet and drape it around both of them. “Thank fuck it’s Saturday. We’re not moving from this bed for /hours/, you fucking hear me?”
“That sounds perfect bro but you haven’t had a shower yet, right, since last night? You need to keep clean!”
“Hah? Do I fucking smell to you?!” Bakugou snarled, and Eijirou shrugged but he grinned at Bakugou’s warning look as he grabbed the guy so they could both fall back into lying positions,
and they gravitated towards each other instantly and smoothly, Eijirou’s hands on Bakugou’s face and Bakugou’s arms winding around Eijirou’s torso, and Eijirou just watched him for a second, smile growing.
“It’s okay. Later, then, but I’ll totally cuddle you for hours now.”

Bakugou grinned, closing his eyes as he pulled Eijirou closer. “That’s the dream.”
—— the end, thank you for reading :’)
— here’s art from the beautiful talented @WavyBunny of one of the scenes, it’s showstopping I’m crying https://twitter.com/wavybunny/status/1253155709027520520?s=21 https://twitter.com/WavyBunny/status/1253155709027520520
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