If you stopped immigration, you’d stop America. Whether it’s food production, job creation, economic growth, innovation or healthcare, immigrants are critical to our success. If we want to create more jobs and opportunity for Americans, we need more immigrants in this country. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1252915116363874305
How do we feed ourselves? It’s immigrants who make it possible. 78% of farm workers are foreign born and crossed a border to get here. When you’re able to go to a restaurant again, remember that 22% of the cooks in our kitchens & servers at our tables were born somewhere else.
How do we create new jobs and grow the economy? 30% of new entrepreneurs are immigrants, creating millions of jobs for Americans. And 76% of patents from our top universities had a foreign-born inventor, creating billions of dollars in economic growth and value for America.
And how do we care for ourselves and one another in the greatest health crisis we’ve ever faced? Again, immigrants are going to be part of the solution. A quarter of all health care workers were born somewhere else. Who’s gonna save your life? Good chance an immigrant will.
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