1. We're new to the wearing of masks. There's a lot to learn about the Do's & Don'ts of mask-wearing & not just to learn but also to put into practice. In #Jamaica it is now mandatory to wear a mask in public spaces. So, some questions & thoughts. #COVID19 #JaCovid19 #MasksJa
2. We ALL have a lot to learn about the best practices of mask-wearing. I thought that this morning, as I was watching the recording of yesterday's sitting of the Parliament. Most of us are new to this. We need info. We need reminders. #COVID19 #JaCovid19 #MasksJa #Jamaica
3. To dive right in...a question that comes from my experience last Saturday. I stay at home these days, but I went to the supermarket early. I got back to my car & felt thirsty. But how do I drink my water while wearing a mask? #COVID19 #JaCovid19 #MasksJa #Jamaica
4. Second question...What are the guidelines about children & masks? I have seen warnings (incl CDC) that children under the age of 2 shouldn't wear cloth masks, as there is a risk of suffocation. What is @themohwgovjm recommendation on this? #COVID19 #JaCovid19 #MasksJa #Jamaica
5. I'm going to direct this question to both the AG @MalahooForteQC & the Minister @christufton. Does the mandatory wearing of masks in public spaces apply to children as well as adults? If a child unavoidably has to be out? Any age? (See Q4) #COVID19 #JaCovid19 #MasksJa #Jamaica
6. What are the correct procedures for taking off a mask when you get home? For disposing of disposable masks?For washing & drying cloth masks for reuse? Is it okay to re-use a disposable mask? Some questions for @themohwgovjm & @christufton. #COVID19 #JaCovid19 #MasksJa #Jamaica
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