In honor of #EarthDay50, a thread of FIFTY incredible animal facts!

Sea turtles can live up to 100 years. #BluePlanet2
Despite not having any blood or brains, starfish are able to live to around 35 years. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Scarlet macaw couples bond for life and may stick together for over 40 years. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Whale sharks can process 6,000 liters of water an hour through their gills. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
When a European hamster needs to swim it inflates its cheek pouches with air for increased buoyancy. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
When a new born Weddell seal first touches the ice, it is the sharpest drop in temperature any animal ever faces. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Aardvarks are known to eat around 50,000 ants and termites in one night. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Poison dart frog adult males are no bigger than a human thumbnail. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Orangutans have the ability to self-medicate. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Guanacos can walk within five minutes of being born. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Sharks were around for 200 million years before the dinosaurs. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Black bears can be 30% heavier in autumn than they are in spring. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Emperor penguins can dive to depths of 500m! #Dynasties
Wombats like other marsupials have a pouch; however, unlike other marsupials it is located on their backs. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Flamingoes get their pinkish color from the pigments in their food. #EnchantedKingdom
Despite their stature, hippos can actually out run most humans running at speeds of 18m/hr. #EnchantedKingdom
While it may look like stars are all by themselves, they typically come in pairs. They're called binary stars and they orbit around a common of center gravity. #EnchantedKingdom
The lionfish uses its pectoral fins to attract pray. #EnchantedKingdom
Barracuda are attracted to shiny objects, so if you go diving it's best to leave the jewelry behind. #EnchantedKingdom
Praying mantises disrupt the food chain by eating not just insects but also birds. #EnchantedKingdom
There are 160 different types of chameleons. Some live in the jungle while other brave the desert. #EnchantedKingdom
Tigers are the largest of big cats weighing up to 670 pounds. #Dynasties
Painted wolves are nomadic and can travel up to 31 miles a day. #Dynasties
Hamsters will make a series of tunnels in order to stay cool underground on hot days. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
The arctic fox can endure temperatures as low as -70c. #LifeStory
On land kangaroos have to use their legs simultaneously; however, in water they can move them independently. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Koalas are indigenous to Australia and primarily eat eucalyptus leaves. Occasionally, they will branch out and try other tree leaves. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Lioness are better hunters than their male counterparts and provide the most for the pride. #Dynasties
Gentoo penguins will build nests from stones, moss, and even feathers. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Swans mate for life. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Bald eagles aren't born with their iconic look, but grow into them when they reach adulthood. #SeasonalWonderlands
A group of owls is called a parliament. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Parakeets will travel hundreds of miles to find water. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
While other mammals are able to glide, bats are the only ones capable of continuous flight. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
While only the alpha male and female will mate, every wolf in the pack pairs up for life. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
A group of rhinos can be called a herd or a crash. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Butterflies are unable to fly at temperatures below 55F. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Ants can lift 10-50 times their own body weight. #EnchantedKingdom
Snakes can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
A cassowary's kick is strong enough to break bone. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Dumbo octopi do not ink as they don't encounter many predators since they live nearly 4000m deep. #BluePlanet2
Mantis shrimp move with such a high velocity that their punches would have the same effect as a .22 caliber bullet. #BluePlanet2
Tusk fish are known for using coral as a way to break open shell in order to eat the animals on the inside. #BluePlanet2
Dolphins can eat up to 33 pounds of fish a day. #TheHunt
Humpback whale songs can be heard from 20 miles away. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Every zebra has a unique striped pattern. #NaturesGreatEvents
Moose shed their antlers every winter. #SeasonalWonderlands
Dingoes are the largest land predators in Australia. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Chipmunks can gather 165 acorns in a single day. #SeasonalWonderlands
A pangolin's scales make up 20% of their total body weight. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
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