Some thoughts on what law students who have lost their summer employment can do:

1. If you had an offer that was rescinded, you may be eligible for $600/wk federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. This may help with the financial burden of the job loss.
2. You need to use your summer productively, even without a job. One option is to take a full load of summer classes, and then do a full time internship in the fall. Basically, switch out your summer/fall. This may conflict with scholarship terms, so check with your school.
3. You may want to see about doing a full time externship in the fall for credit. That way you get the work experience you would have had without the tuition issues. You can also take some summer courses to create room in your fall schedule for an internship.
4. Some non summer-course options: do pro bono and/or write a note, comment, or blog posts on the area(s) in which you want to practice during the summer. That will help you gain experience and expertise.
5. Last, but not least, reach out to your profs and let them know your situation. Some profs are hiring RAs and may know of places that need summer assistance.

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