Rapists actually go around telling their guys. They just don’t call it rape.

“As she come, she chop finish, she no wan do.I cum tell her make she dey go back her house by 12am. She cum dey beg. She later agree sha.She like am die. See just dey cry dey moan my name”
*all laugh* https://twitter.com/r3al__aj/status/1252912964644081665
Another place you can find your rapist friends are under tweets that ask questions like
“If you see your wife’s sister sleeping on your bed like this drunk, what will you do?”
Tweet: Men tell their friends about how they coerced women into having sex with them

All men: that’s a lie. Me and my friends don’t rape. We hate rapists . It’s you and your friends that rape.

Yes, I and my friends make up the men that rape 1 out of 6 women that get raped daily
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