within india itself there are many enemies of hindus.they can be easily identified by their statements&demands made from time to time.which are:
1.opposing handing over of management&control over hindu religious insititutions to hindus only.
2.opposing tax exemptions for hindu
religious insitutions like temples,trusts,etc.
3.opposing 10% reservations in education&govt jobs for economically weaker sections among hindu upper castes.
4.protesting againstCAA,NRC,NPR,census,population control laws,uniform civil code.
5.defaming hindus&spreading hinduphobia
in gulf arab nations with active support from pakistan.
6.threatening aryans&brahmins to quit india as if india is their parents property.
7.opposing brahminism,vedas,manusmriti,etc.
8.showing extra-territorial loyalty towards palestinians in israel&rohingyas in myanmar which
have nothing to do with india or indians.
9.oppose abolition of articles 370,35A,abolition of kashmir special status&bifurcation of J&K.
10.attacking healthcare staff,security forces,school children,women&elderly people in different parts of india.
friends,please read this thread
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