Short Thread:

VA study on Hydroxychloroquine for COVID19 getting a lot of attention.

President Trump has been touting HCQ as a possible miracle drug.

Study from the VA finds HIGHER mortality for those on HCQ.

So should this study put HCQ for COVID19 to rest?


Why not?

1 Not peer-reviewed. We should treat all pre-peer-review papers with more skepticism

2 Not an RCT but retrospective look at those who got HCQ vs those who didn't

3 As expected, groups are VERY different. Those on HCQ are much sicker...worse outcomes no surprise

If you like they study, you'll argue:

1. They adjust for baseline differences (we know this is imperfect, which is why we like RCTs)

2. It rules out a massive benefit (may be...but that's a low bar)

3. Its no worse than anecdotes that supporters of HCQ have touted. Sure.

Bottom line:

This study doesn't change my priors at all. It doesn't make me more or less likely to prescribe HCQ

We need credible evidence about what works for COVID

Need to stop politicizing therapies

We should let science work. Its our best shot at beating this disease

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