Arnab said Sonia Gandhi will inform Italy how she got two sadhus killed in the state where her party is in power.

This is not journalism. It's street level trash talking by conspiracy theorists.

Few days back, discussing migrant crisis of Maharastra, Arnab....
.... specifically highlighted the mosque angle. While completely ignoring the fact that the crisis is across India, i.e. - Surat, Delhi; not only in Maharastra.

By discussing sensitive issues like lynching and migrant crisis with such deliberately misleading pretexts,...
...Arnab is not benefiting anyone in the country. He is just pandering to the propaganda which takes away people's attention from real problems.

In case of lynching, the angle of how police completely failed must be investigated. This is not being talked about by anyone.
Be it CM of the state or those who are covering the issue. Everybody is talking about the perpetrators, but very few say a word on how it seems police deliberately failed there.

In case of migrant crisis, state governments are unprepared to fight pandemic and....
.... have lack of resources to feed the hungry. Migrants have suddenly lost their jobs, have little to no saving and can't earn during lockdown. Second stimulus package by govt was promised in 20 days, it's been almost a month and it hasn't arrived. This is also not being....
... talked about.

Further, lack of PPEs, testing kits, ventilators (if situation gets out of hand) also needs serious attention but that is also not getting enough prime time coverage.

Arnab's style is attractive. He panders to his core viewers and thus he is also...
.... liked by masses and that is why these serious problems are rarely raised. His followers are mostly busy in sharing his 'ARNAB DESTROYED ....." clips and feeling like an alpha, virtually. This is also because when it comes to issues related to India v/s a foreign country...
.... Arnab presents India's case very powerfully. Also, within India, the people Arnab keeps bashing are, in his own words, a bunch of "has beens". They are vile and already villified in common consensus because of the prolonged period for which they ran their propaganda, freely
But, in my opinion, going after them is now counterintuitive and doesn't solve any purpose.

It just takes away the screen time that could have been used to discuss serious issues.

Arnab used to discuss issues related to middle class, when he was in Times Now.
He went after Congres govt, like nobody else. That made him a star.

As the time changed, power transferred hands and the same middle class voted for Modi out of frustration against Congress, few things remained constant -

- Congress was still bad
- People still hated them
Arnab went from pro-people and anti-govt, to being pro-govt and anti-congress, which doesn't serve any purpose.

Since the govt is in absolute majority, that means Arnab taking sides of the govt means he isn't risking of offending most of the people in this country.
Arnab needs to change. He needs to talk about more serious issues and talk seriously about those issues.

Real problems in front of doctors and migrants deserve more screen-time and more honest discussion.

Govt representatives deserve to be pulled up and asked tough questions
Having said that, just check the top tweets under #ArrestAntiIndiaArnab and you will realise it's a co-ordinated attack by Congress party and its leaders.

This was triggered by Arnab's ludacrous remark on Sonia.

That remark was crazy, but it wasn't Anti-India.
That remark was very similar to the even more vile remarks made by so many other 'journalists' against Modi-Shah.

Many such 'journalists' work with blessings from Congress.

So, if Congress claims to be the party for Freefom of Expression, it shouldn't do what it's doing now.
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