Hey #WritingCommunity! For #EarthDay2020 , let's...

Talk about how you inject the environment into your stories! If you write SciFi, how do you address Climate Change? If you write fantasy, do you think about the ecology of your new world?

Or something else entirely. Go!
@pltavormina I imagine you might have some thoughts on this question. And @sarahmaccready or @hollyash85!
As for me: My published stories (sadly) don't deal with the environment too much, though First of Their Kind/Their Greatest Game do discuss climate change and its impacts a few times.

Now the flintlock fantasy I'm writing... It's all about climate change at its core!
When we're thinking about #EarthDay and #ClimateAction, I think it's incredibly important for writers to think about how they're writing can impact readers and their views of the world. We can entertain--we can also inspire!

What do you think?
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