Amidst the outbreak of a global pandemic, humanity is standing at a crossroads. When this crisis ends, we will either go back to business as usual OR take this pandemic as a warning of what is about to come and mend our ways. (1/4) #EarthDay2020
Here's how you can choose your planet over capitalistic greed:
1. Take a screenshot of the attached GIF to find which ecocide battle picks you to be its champion. DM it to us or tweet it yourself & tag @thereisnoearthb (2/4)
#EarthDay2020 #IndiaNeedsClimateAction #savetheplanet
2. Sign the petition for stopping that ecocide  & get more people to do the same. If your cause doesn't come with a petition in the link it means you've been chosen to fight one of the rarer battles. Get in touch with us & help get a petition started! (3/4)
3. Spread the word about your chosen battle, you're its champion after all! Also nominate your friends to participate & become champions of the Earth and help stop ecocides being committed by @moefcc @PMOIndia @AdaniOnline & ors. (4/4) #EarthDay2020 #IndiaNeedsClimateAction
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