Great to see Governments now including #workfromhome #workfromanywhere ambitions to prevent a return to massive #transport emissions post-COVID-19 crisis.

What if, say, 60-70% of people who worked in cities
continued to work from home 4-5 days per week?

Or, what if we only ever went into offices on an as needs basis?
Some positives: Less transport = less emissions
Less congestion = Better air quality
More room for walking and cycling in cities
More floor space in cities for people to live (fewer
empty boxes in suburbs during day, less empty ones in cities at night)
Benefit housing crisis / landlords don’t lose
More vibrant cities at night - traders win, safer?
Flexible work hours help with child-care (for some)?
Some negatives:
Introductions / Networking? Could we find other ways?
Social isolation? can we take care of each other with such a model?
Productivity? Is it down in this current (enforced) model? maybe it is up for some (?)
Supports needed for those who don’t have appropriate spaces for working from home – they will need these, or need to go to an office space. Could office spaces be more regional / sub-urban based?
More home heating and electricity
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