No matter who your bias is, if you’re really a luvie like you claim to be, it shouldn’t be hard to accept that Wendy—THE MAIN VOCAL—deserves to be treated better.
Some of you have normalized hating/discrediting Wendy so much so that you’re able to to see all this and think it’s normal. The hate, the endless comparison w her members, the utter disrespect.
I can’t compare eras but mygod. At least even “sone” who hated Taeyeon realized very early that SHE IS their main vocal. Whether they agreed or not, they recognized the structure and respected that. Well, most of them.
Meanwhile, some of you who claim to be luvies can’t even AT LEAST RECOGNIZE the talent. No one’s asking you to join the revolution.
You’re only being asked to fucking recognize your main vocal. The fuck are you doing here as a “luvie” but you‘re OT4, claiming Red Flavor is your jam WHEN WENDY is fucking everywhere in that song and every rv song. I’m so tired of all the hypocrisy in this fandom mygod
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