Today is #EarthDay so we want to promote the importance of geoscience in meeting society's future challenges - be that the UN SDGs, Paris agreement to avoid dangerous levels of climate change & other policies to protect the environment & ensure vital resources for all 🌎♥️
🌊💦Hydrogeologists and environmental geoscientists are critical in ensuring access to clean and sustainable water supplies.
⛏️ Exploration geologists are needed to source and extract critical minerals for renewable energies such as solar and wind power☀️
🌍We need geological engineers and geoscientists across many different disciplines to understand the Earth's subsurface processes so that we can harness geothermal energy and enable safe infrastructure development and carbon capture and storage technologies 🏗️👷‍♀️
🌱 Geoscientists are also vital in mitigating the effects of climate change and influencing governmental policy through understanding past climates, modelling future outcomes and understanding how climate impacts environment, livelihoods and natural hazards 🌋
And crucially we need geology, geography and science teachers, lecturers, STEM Ambassadors and other geoscience communicators to inspire and inform the next generation of geoscientists ✏️🔬🙋
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